Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Balik kampung

After months not going back, I made an hesitant decision to go back kuantan, with my younger brother.

I needed some fresher air, and some timeout to forget about work. And driving back this time, I decided to measure the exact distance (at least based on my car meter), of how far it would take to run. So, I forgo the new east highway, and shoot for the old road. In many ways, I still prefer the old. You get to see more things. Small cities, the people, and even cows.

On reaching my house, it says 266 km. My brother says it's crazy to run it. I am still wondering...when and how I could do it.

Kuantan river at night. It's a 2km walking distance all the way up.

The next sunday, both of us, with another friend from kuantan, drove to kemaman. If you really wanted to see real nice beaches, you should head for terengganu. The water was crystal clear, and not much people. And we also did some snorkelling which was great. I saw parrot fishes , some corals, and I think...even a stonefish. That had me frozen for a moment. Stonefish has the deadliest toxin in the world of fish. You could die from its' sting. Seeing it was pure luck. Because it's so well camourflouged, I could only see both eyes. The rest blends with the rocks.

White sandy shores in kemaman.

Stopping by pulau ular in Pahang.

On the way back to kuantan, we stopped by Pulau Ular. It's a small island just 1km off the shore.

Pulau ular from the shore. It's really really near.

The trees are visible, and there's a small sandy shore. We wanted..maybe one day, do some camping and fishing on the small island. To charter a boat, we asked, cost Rm 100.00 bucks. I, on the other hand, was thinking, "that's a swimmable distance".

Only one complaint from balik kampung, I had sun burn, not so serious..but painful enough to keep me from running. Next time, it's swimming with the shirt on.

I found this ray fish stuck among the rocks during low tide. When it settles down, it'll flap it's wings, and hide beneath the sand.

This is why it's called Batu Hitam beach. There's really lots of black rocks.

More black rocks...

Another view of batu hitam.


Max said...

Wonderful places...Good luck with 260K !!!

Carboman said...

wah..very beautiful! the black rocks are probably volcanic rocks

Raymond said...

eh...very scenic pictures leh,i believe our east coast is an untapped gem
..and easy on the 260km ya haha

yipwt said...

max, yes..malaysia has really nice beaches. Try coming here one day.

carboman...yep..it's volcanic. But funny thing, only that beach has it. no where else in kuantan.

raymond...that's why i love east coast and not west.

Anonymous said...

266km is longgggg but at the end of the journey - on foot, running -you'll find find something most of us only dream of. What am I blabbering...you can do it lah! Go easy, pack up enuf food.

Happy Eid.

CP Waterman said...

Beautiful places you have. Its freezing cold now here in Paris. Wanna change place with you.Hehe
Wah 266km! Big hill to climb for most but you can do it.
Take care!

yipwt said...

hi haza,

yea ..it's long. At the moment..i don't think i'll do it because of the monsoon season.

waterman...come back msia loh...:)