Sunday, December 13, 2009

Broga ride in heat

The eastern wind was blowing hard...which we find refreshing.

Broga loop is one of those loops, that can be rated as medium to tough, depending on weather conditions. If you are used to hot weather and hill climbs, it's probably enjoyable, but ain't so if you are doing it the first time.

Together with some first timers, we started from bt 14 hulu langat. Since my house is just 14km, so I rode there.

Just a few km into the ride, we were passed by MSN riders who rode at least 30km/h above. Faisal and I hitched the train for a speedy trip to the climb proper to Peres. Met with one dude who was just riding with one leg (the other is a steel one), which really had us in awe, when we found out the lightest he could have at the back is size 19. And up Peres?

Well, had some fun racing with Shang Leong up to Peres. For a big size rider like him, it was surprising he could climb so well..

Then it was heading towards klawang, where we regrouped at Petronas. Up to know, it had been nicely cloudy with not much sun. But as the ride to bkt tangga went on, heat was on the way.

We also passed through the tragic fuel tanker and house collision, which claimed 3 lives on the way. At first I thought it's just the house which went up in flames, but further scrutiny, I could see vehicle wreckage amidst the burned terrain. 3 lives, including the driver were lost.

Bukit tangga climb from klawang is 3km with no flats. I put the legs to work and try to sustain a moderate pace up, just as to keep the back riders at bay. Then it was attacking another 2 hills near Lenggeng, before stopping for lunch.

At this hour, the sun is right above. It was so hot we stopped at another Petronas in Semenyih for drinks.

Then it was heading towards Tekala, which is not really pleasant with so many potholes to evade. Had a regroup session at the base of Bkt Hantu climb. Now, broga loop is tough indeed, but with a bkt hantu finale is pretty pretty tough. Come to think about it, it was not about the climb, but the heat. Leonard went up the hill pretty fast, which I find incredible. I had to stopped by the waterfall to get some water.

Then it was 50-60kmh speeding all the way down. But I have yet another Ampang hill to climb. Tough but if you done it a million times, it's really just another climb.

Total mileage: 166km

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Testing the new wheels...

Frankly, the tri spokes looks nice, but they weigh a lot. In fact, they are exactly 1.9kg both. Compared to the previous Mavic Ksyrium, I think it's an additional 400 grams.

But they are pretty pretty fast. I had no problems going uphills with them to Genting Peres, or up Genting Sempah. In fact, I felt it sort of propelling the bike upwards.

Had a bike ride to Bentong last week, and it was a blast. Onwards from Sempah downhill, I could easily reached 42km/h sustaining pace.

However, frankly my cycling legs were kind of lost after weeks of running. High profiles are really excellent, if and only if you have the power to push them.

I'll look into serious cycling next january for the coming IM 2010.