Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ultra Run 147km: Road to Kelawang

I had been training harder for this attempt. In total, I ran 7 half marathon long distances for training. But what lays ahead is just beyond description.

I started just before 7am, carrying 3 powerbars, some money, hand phone, water bottle, and IC. What I did noticed was that the sky is one hundred percent clear. Not even a speck of cloud in the sky. This means, the sun will be having a jolly good day. But I was hoping that at least some cover will be available.

Target destination was the same as the last. Ampang hill was pretty not bad. Tekala hill was a bit harder because the sun was higher up in the sky. But thank god for the wind. It's so windy, when you ran, you feel like cycling down a hill.

Finally, I reached Genting Peres. At this point, I've got nothing to complain except the heat. In my mind, I made a choice, if I reached 50km, and it's still cloudless, I'll turn back. Turns out that at 50km, there was some cloud. So, foolishly, I continued. Foolish because, it turns out the sun will have it's revenge until sun down.

The path after that was running on tarmac, with the sun beating down. The heat is unbearable. Only an idiot will run in this.

When I finally reached the town Kelawang, it was 6pm. Better than my previous time. Because I so deadbeat by the heat, I was thinking of getting on the bus to Seremban, then back to KL. Calling it a day would not be that bad after 72km. However, i found out that the last bus is over. So, I sat at the restaurant, reflecting on how I could go another 75km, while eating rice with chicken. It was tasteless. I was not even enjoying eating.

The waiter suggested I sleep at the surau for the next morning bus. I thought for awhile. Run, or no run? Waiting for the next day, ain't that bad. But that'll be boring.

So, I started out back again. Because the wheather has cooled, I was able to run consistently more than the day. At this point, my right quad was in pain. The legs are all I have left. So I crafted out a strategy. Run 2km plus, then walk a bit. It somehow worked. I found myself enjoying each destination reached at the km marker.

Finally, I reached the start of the hills. I sat down on the curb awhile, to relax and massage some stiff legs. It was dark, but darkness is something I just got used to it. I vowed not to be beaten by the hills again. So, I power on. One thing about hills here, it's really tough.

I finally reached Peres around 1am. Legs are still fine, although each time I ran, I need to start very slowly because it's just hurting. But after awhile, the legs could run properly. The night was also cloudless. You could just see stars brilliantly in the sky.

As I kept on going, I was getting sleepier on the run. I tried to get some sleep while running just by closing them, but it won't work. So I decided sleeping on the tarmac would be a good idea, if only for a few minutes.

After finally reaching the end of 42km from kelawang at 3am, I still have like 30km to cover. I found myself too tired that even walking, I am going in the wrong direction. At some points, I just sit, and got some sleep for a few minutes. Then kept going. Another thing is, I've just had powerbars and water since kelawang for refuelling. It's the worst food ever. I craved for something else, but no shops are opened. I was practically pushing forward on an empty system.

Finally I reached Hulu Langat bt 18, where I was glad to see a few restaurants opened. I had roti sardin, a cup of coffee and tea. By then, it was 7am.

The final part of this run was great. It was as though, a new set of legs just came in. I could run and run continuously. Maybe it was the caffeine or the breakfast, but as long as I could hammer in the miles, that's all that matters.

When I finally reached the finish line, all I could think was bed.

Total time on the road: 25:59:06

Looking down from ampang hill...

Going down ampang hill

Had some snacks here with iced tea..

Tekala hill...scenery was great..

self pic at somewhere near tekala...

start of 42km to kelawang...still no sign of clouds...

taking a break before reaching Genting Peres. There's a small waterfall here for refreshment.

Reaching Genting Peres...still no clouds !

There's some clouds but none covering the sun.

Going back on road for another 75km.

Had breakfast here at hulu langat bt 18...gladly refuelling for the next 20km plus run.

Reaching hulu langat bt 14

Just happy to see civilisation again.

That's not my tail, it's the pouch bag strap :)


Mohd Shazly Khan said...

i'm lost for words! hehe. no ghost 1am at peres?? i think ghost oso takut when they look at you. i would easily chicken out and dial 911! eh by the way, u got bela hantu lari aa?

yipwt said...


Sometimes when you run that area at night, you think you might have seen something, but no point double looking, if you know what I mean.

Futhermore, I was so tired,...I see things that I thought was something else.

hantu cannot bela lah...just say a little prayer :)

Anonymous said...


congratulations! AWESOME la you.
whilst you ran here, I completed my first mara in 6hrs 35mins. i was hoping to do under 6 but oh well, there is the next one.

kirpaljeet singh

Ngae said...

Dear Yip: You are my inspiration. Congratulations. You are Malaysian DK truly. Carry on your passion and inspire all. Do please take good care. I had a pretty good run in Singapore. See you.

yipwt said...

hi kirpal,

congrats on your first marathon. You can improve timing later. Lots of time.

Ngae, thanks. You made it all seem worthwhile.

CapArnabBrand said...

OMG, speechless man... just awesome. awesome.

Penguin 2 (Meng) said...

Salute to you for completing this incredible feat !!!

May I know what motivated you to complete this 147KM run so that we can all learn from you ?

John said...

Bravo! You made it this time around with much ease. Good for you! Keep it up.

yipwt said...

hi meng,

the motivation is to run to kuantan. But after this run, although got some confidence, i would say it's tough. During the run, I had said to myself, enough of this crazy long distance. So kuantan for now remains an elusive goal.

john, it was manageable. But it's nowhere easy. Thanks...

Anonymous said...

If it was easy, it would have been borrrring. You inspire. Thanks!

Max said...


I finished my 2nd marathon within 1 month....I'll try very soon to go over my 42km barrier !

Azman said...


147km!!! Yip, you really should consider Marathon des Sables.

I salute thee, O' Running King!

yipwt said...

hey max,

Good for you man...but i do envy you since you are in US, there's tons of 100 miles event. And there's badwater as well. We seldom have ultras in malaysia.

azman...i am thinking. That's a whole new ball game. Running in the desert is bloody hot.

Who is SLB+? said...

Awesome run, great report, love the photos and the fact you stop for breakfast!

Tey said...


Try mr 25 12hrs run on 30/12 ?

sgloong said...

ur really amazing...... running non stop for 147km... maybe u should check the Guiness Book of Records malaysia and see whether there is a category for this.. then plan another event ... to break the record or even do some charity in the process... keep up the amazing feats


unholy alliance said...


1000000000000X damn you one of a kind! congrats!

unholy alliance

Latif Razak said...

Yip Weng Tak aka Omar Yip...kau memang Forest Gump. For me, this is unimaginable. Congrats!

abuomar said...

Hai Steve,
awak memang kaki lari. aku pernah jumpa orang buat marathon setiap minggu, tapi lari 25jam aku baru pertama kali dengar. apa makanan 'recovery' kau ambil?. biasanya pelari marathon ni aku dengar dapat kecederaan lutut, pinggang akhirnya. hingga akhirnya tak dapat berlari lagi kecuali boleh jalan sahaja.

yipwt said...

hi abuomar,

makanan yang I bawak ialah 3 powerbar.

On the way, ada makan nasi ayam, ABC, oren juice, kopi ais. 100 plus.

That's all.

Actually in the US, ultra running is a common sport. There's 100 miles, 150 miles races. Try lookup

abuomar said...

what kind of shoes u used for ultra run (new terminology for me)? i can't imagine how suffer to run 100. yet u target for another 200km. how many km per week u run?

yipwt said...

hi abuomar,

on average, 50km per week, but tops is maybe 100km per week.

My shoes are basic Adidas shoes. No fancy thing like arch support.

Yes, you can imagine the suffering. Then embrace it. And in the end, just do it. You'll pull through. I think you are no stranger to suffering as well.

Dennis /SGP said...


fanna said...

boleh sy tau,makanan yg patut dielakkan oleh seorang atlet bola sepak yang mengalami kecederaan lutut..asap..

yipwt said...

hi fanna,

I don't know the answer. But I know that taking glucosamine helps to recover knees.