Sunday, December 30, 2007

Registered for Sundown Night Marathon 2008

I have just gotten myself to hastily register for 84km event after I found out that the initial 100 seats for 84km has been taken. Read here. So, if you guys are planning to run this ultra, better be fast. But there's plenty of seats for the marathon distance (5000).

I am setting my target time 10 hours for this race. But if I could run any faster, that'll be better.
But in my mind, I am just going to have fun.

Running at night certainly has its' advantages. With no sun, no heat, you can really enjoy running. Another thing is, I found out another prominent singapore triathlete dude who did 168km, named Adrian Mok. And he's the guy behind 70.3 Aviva. He's also behind this sundown race.


Mohd Shazly Khan said...

kacang puteh laa for u.

yipwt said...

woit...nothing is kacang puteh without training.

Anonymous said...

Yip, yesterday after our lsd we were discussing this sundown marathon and the 84 km ultra. Ms Leong one of the runners in our group said who'd be crazy enough to run two marathons at one shot? Ha ha! Even one marathon is torment enuf. We'd all agreed if we manage to complete the ultra, after that we'll retire! Anyway, they'll have us run under street lights, yes?

yipwt said...

hi haza,

Yes...there's still a bunch of crazies in the world who want to run double marathon.

But I bet, you won't retire after 84km. After you hit'll want to run 100km.

I think since it's in SG, it would be well organised. I have no idea how's the path like.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they've yet to complete the info on the website. But I haven't tried night running before. Seems like a great exposure. Maybe I'll try the 42km.

CP Waterman said...

84KM = 2 full marathons.My hat off for you la!
BTW, happy new year 2008!