Monday, December 17, 2007


I was supposed to be joining Raymond Hee in chin woo biathlon, but things turned out otherwise. So had a quick 20km run in bkt aman.

Weather was great, and since it has been raining for days previously, the clear sky was a welcome for a Sunday morning. Joining us, was Kelvin, who kept us quite occupied with his chatty nature. Well, at least running was not boring.

On the way coming back, a guy who looks not quite malaysian ran passed by. His built reminds me somehow of Moroccan runners. Very sturdy and thin, but same height. I decided to give a chase for the last 5km back, and boy, this guy is fast, but he doesn't seem to be pushing it, while I am.

I realized after following his back awhile, that he has a fast cadence. Not necessarily big wide steps, but well fast rhythm legs. I managed to catch up with him. He mentioned he had abdomen pain. Yet, he can still run that fast?

On another note, after covering 147km, I am giving second thoughts of running 260km to Kuantan. I could give and take, push 100km and all is well. But 147km thought me another aspect of ultras, that is so quite different.

First, running during your sleeping hours is certainly a challenge.

Secondly, it's pretty lonely. I like to run alone, but it was a bit too much. It's not like a formal race event, where you got supporters, and water stops. There's nothing. No one to cheer you on, whatsoever. So when you are down, you are really down. It takes great courage to push again.

Thirdly, running in these obscure areas, with no 24 hours shop is tough. If there had been food around, I could've run faster. I'll need to think of carrying other food source besides yucky powerbar. And yea, some salt repleshment too.

It still made me think, the path taken was indeed crazy.

But said that, I would try to push for 171km first, and perhaps 200km. That extra distance is taking a detour to kampung chennah after 22km road to kelawang. Lets see how...


Anonymous said...

You might give the Singapore Ultra Marathon a try. Sun 30 Dec. But speed is different from distance goals. S

yipwt said...

hi S,

Issit the MR25 run for 12 hours?

It's too late of notice. But I am planning to go for the 84km sundown in May 2008.