Sunday, May 24, 2009

KL-Klawang-Simpang Pertang-Karak ride (274km)

Bukit hantu climb is 3km no flats....

Genting Peres

A town just before Sg Pertang..can't remember what it was.

Simpang Pertang...notice the direction to Karak.

I think this is kampung machis..


Resting at RnR sempah. The bike definitely needs a rest.

Map - It's a huge loop spanning 4 states (KL-Selangor-n9-pahang).

This mega loop goes from KL-Klawang-Simpang Pertang-Karak-Bentong-KL. I roughly estimated it to be 250km, but it turns out more than that.

There were no takers when I suggested the ride, so I guess I'll have to hit it alone. The challenging part is to get back to KL before the sun sets. This means, pushing it at a speed of 30ish km/h.

I packed a small bag with two tubes, one spare tyre ( I believe this is necessary after having 2 blown up tyres), one powerbar. I choosed the red polygon roadie (tri bike is out of the question...because there'll be lots of climbing).

Precisely 7:47am, I head of to climb the Ampang hill. Then up the notorious Bukit Hantu (this climb made me took a double take at my fitness to tackle more climbs), then Peres, and then finally Klawang at around 10:45am (72km). Not many were going Klawang. Managed to catch up with 3 cyclist on the final few km. I passed them, but ain't sure where they were heading. Met with Azmi (whom I met at last friday's putrajaya nite ride), who was with his family for his brother's marriage proposal...

After having a hearty lunch (i think a bit too much protein), I head of to Simpang Pertang. I've never go to this part before, so I was just hoping it won't be too hard. To my surprise, Karak is 100km from Klawang. And it's 28km from Klawang to Sg Pertang as well.

I had a few stops for sugar cane, coconut, herbal tea along the way. At one point I was drinking too much fluid, I had to put a stop to drinking. The wheather was notoriously hot, but I've got to push on.

After reaching Simpang Pertang,'s another 70+km to Karak. Not pretty far. The road is here is pretty winding, with oil palms, and plantations along the way. It's so winding that at one point I was just drafting a timber truck, which was going around 30-40km/h only. I couldn't pass it, afraid I could go underneath it. But drafting was fun, only I reminded myself not to get too near.

I was hoping to make it to karak at 3pm. Finally after some furious pedalling (yes, I was pushing it) managed to reach by 3:03pm. I headed for the fruits store who's owner I met during my excursion to Kuantan and back. I said I was going back KL, and he suggested jokingly, why not take the bus.

After having a drink and some fruits, it was off to Bentong (around 20km). Had to pass the highway section a bit before detouring to the town. Stopped by the main mosque, and then it's off to refuelling with the famous Bentong ice kacang. The business there was so good, I had to take it outside.

Around 4:30pm, it's off to climb up genting sempah. I was pushing it once again. Time is running short and I don't want to get stuck in the dark going down sempah like last time. To my surprise, I made it to sempah rest area in less than 1.5 hours. Then I head to the stores for some chest nuts and drink. The meter reads 228km.

After 25 minutes of rest, it's off to make the final climb up the hill, and there and then, it's all done. I was sweating profusely at the top. Then it's all the way leisure ride down, or was it? No, it's still mashing the high gears, and going 40 to 50 plus. Kind of fun, but dangerous.

Finally reaching HOA, then going towards the Gombak toll, and joining MRR2. I was still in feeling good, so I pushed it. It's hard not too, when all the vehicles passing by is creating the vacuum that sucked you in. Suddenly a car on the right slowed down, and the driver was curiously looking..ah, the bicycle rack on top gives it. Probably he's wondering what an idiot is to cycle on the highway at this time.

I finally reached home at 7:55pm. Meter says 274km and average speed is 26.5km/h

Then I was off to Tomato and Yap's BD at Ampang hill lookout point. I had said I wanted to cycle up there, but I think it's enough of cycling for now.


Ride: The distance is almost the same as from KL-Kuantan. I think it's the hardest so far I've done considering I thought the road from Kuantan to KL was tough, but this is way harder because of some initial climbs. The road from Klawang to Karak is pretty ridable. No major climbs so you could go 30 and beyond.


plee said...

Thx for sharing mate! Another challenge in the bag! Very well done. Also the blogs details are very helpful for those who also dream one day of doing something like this.

Cheers Paul Lee

Simon said...

Wow, this blows me away - awesome dude. The longest ride I've ever done is the KL-Ulu Yam-Frasers Hill-Bentong-Sempah-KL ride a measly 213km, I couldn't imagine adding another 60k to that. I salute you.

Upiq said...


Amazing.. amazing.. amazing...

What made it more remarkable was that you did it just by yourself on an unknown route...


yipwt said...


Glad the ride was over. Now, i know it's doable within a day.

Simon, 200+ km is not measly! With your IM standards, it's not hard to plus another 100.

Upiq, it's more like an adventure which I just hope I could get out safe.

Fong said...

Cool adventure.. btw, 1 tube is not safe for such distance??

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

I dunno what to say except....ULTRAMAN!

yipwt said...

fong, just in case i need 2. You never know.

zulhassan said...

u are weird u know? hahahha.. muttan !!

shihming said...

wow! as usual, i admire ur spirit, energy, will power!

sofiantriathlete said...

very fast average speed

Anonymous said...

Hey Yip,

Another adventure in your writing. Now I feel like you are racing in Milan San Remo thingy in cycling manager.

Jefry Jorez

Anonymous said...

p.s you are strong man...hope to see more of your adventure.

Jefry Jorez