Monday, September 19, 2011

KLIUC Unity Run 2011: Half Asleep

Michelle, my sis, and my youngest brother.

This run, wasn't ran in the best of mind. I had been working since yesterday on some technical issues with some lack of sleep, and that was right after BJCC ride to Bentong 110km in race mode. Now just a bit on the cycling ride. Leonard Lim is one tough nut to crack. It was either me chasing him, or he was hanging on my back. And all the way up Genting Sempah. And we aren't riding in leisure mode. On the way back up to Sempah, it's the same scenario. Regardless of uneven tarmac, heat, wind, it was race mode.

So, I found myself on the starting line, quite not in the mind to race. My sister is joining as well in the B category. They let us off at first for the A, B, C category.

As usual, hordes of sprinters in the first few hundred meters. Noticeably I saw a malay chap (Syahidan) in yellow Adidas jersey at the front. Then 2 indian guys went off with him. An african dude was hanging with them, but he soon dropped off.

The route wasn't flat all the way. There's some hilly sections as well. I was just trying to stave off the back guys. It was quite a fast pace.

I only started to 'wake' up after like 5km. Then at the last 3km, the winner of C (junior vet), passed me as we entered the college. I tried chasing him, but never did pass him until the end.

Time at the finish was 38:05 in 4th position. Kind of happy, given the circumstances. My sis got 9th, which is not bad. She hardly sweat, so I told her to run faster next time.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Salomon X-trail: Fun in the mud

Chasing Jasni...

The last downhill section...

Sprinting for the finish...

I think they gave us too much stuff...

This would be the first race after ramadhan. I had been doing training during fasting, but just for maintenance, rather than pushing the body. Training after break of fast, is very tough, so I opted in the morning instead. Hydration is a problem, so I figured out if I over hydrate, I could go through the rest of the day.

As for this race, I didn't thought it would be rather technical. So I didn't opt for trail shoes. Instead I used my usual NB racer.

At the starting line, I looked down at my chest, and my heart was beating too hard. Maybe a little nervous. The gun went off, and Jasni raced to the front. I followed suit. He wasn't going too fast at the beginning, but once out of the stadium into the main road, he attacked.

I tried to follow. The first obstacle was the puddle of mud water. I didn't want to go in, but Jasni just zoomed it through. Oh well then...

Certain sections were puddled from yesterday's rain, and slippery. At times I find that I had to balance before proceeding for the next step. Jasni was slowly slipping away, and then came Don Khor.

We ran side by side for most of the trails. Then at one section of hills, he raced uphill, left me, but then turned right. He followed a person (actually a lady going in the wrong direction). At that point I had doubts, so I slowed down, looked back & forth.

When he did finally made a u-turn, I turned back, yelled at the ladies runners to turn. I could hear Don spewing expletives at the marshall. But there was not a time to waste. I readjusted my mind instead on figuring out if some damage had been done. Actually there was. Dino was ahead by 10 meters, so I quickly chased him down.

We went downhill at an atrocious speed. But he was breathing heavily, and I figured out I still have the final card. Once the tarmac section came, I knew I could outrun him.

Finished in 44m24sec for 10km in 2nd placing. I think the getting lost part cost 1 minute.


It was a good race organised. The route is pretty scenic. The part I remember was a dark horse ran alongside us, when it saw we were running.