Sunday, June 24, 2007

Run 84km: Back to Back Kuala Klawang

Let me write this down before the hangover fades away. I am feeling kinda OK now, but looking back at yesterday run of 84km back to back Kuala Klawang, is really really really tough. Tougher than any course I have ran.

At the start of the foothills

The time I started to run.

Going uphill.

First I underestimated lots of things. But it was because it was my first running along that path. I didn't know
that after Genting Peres, the slopes would go up and down so many times, that I have lost track. No wonder, most
cyclist would stop at Genting Peres.

Still going uphill...

Nice mountain view...

Reaching Genting Peres...

After Genting's uphill & downhill

Fountain of water (life)....Here's where I refilled my bottle.

At the mark of 21km (getting outta the jungle)

Secondly, I just had two bananas with me. And water. After 21km, where I finally got out of the woods and onto flat
road, I was starving. Running the previous 21km was like 30km with all the hills. I could run, but with an empty stomach, which does not feel so well.

Flat road after the 21km mark don't want to get here..I wonder if those doing EPO will get dumped here too?

If only I could refill like these fellows....

I finally reach Kampung Sg
Muntoh (left 12km to kuala klawang), where there's this store that sells 100 plus and cut fruits.
I downed 2 slices of watermalon and a 100 plus. It felt like the most delicious food, and drink at that moment.

Refilling at Sg Muntoh...see those cans of cold 100 plus?

In addition, the wheather was getting hot. There's so many times I would just want to run back. But I had just got
to get to Kuala Klawang. I finally got there. Had mee rebus at a restaurant nearby the bus station. After that, I headed
back from where I came from.

Finally reaching Kuala Klawang after 42km. Rejoicing at half way point.

Running back after 42km, is more like an affair of walk then run, then walk. With the sun beating down, I felt like
quiting. But there's no other way back. I finally reach Sg Muntoh again, had the same drink and fruits, before hitting
the road again. I've got 30km to cover left.

Running back...still a long way to go.

Those apartments on the left is for those working in Pusat Pemulihan Dadah

Still running's getting dark soon..

My target at this point was to get to 21km before 7:30pm. I did get to that point, but I've got 21km left!!

And it was getting dark. The next 12km would be up and down hills run. There's not a single lamp post around this road.
My water bottle was almost empty. But there's an upstream (with water running) a few kms up. So I have to run up, even though my legs don't feel like it.
I have no choice, as I wanted to reach it before the sky totally went dark. I finally reached it around 8pm. Luckily,
I could still see the surrounding area. So I washed a bit, and filled up my bottle.

My target after this would be Genting Peres. It was already night. I could barely see the road, but I kept on running.
Every once in awhile, a vehicle passes by, I tried to remember the path ahead, to see if there's any rocks, or branches that might be hazardous.

One chinese dude on a motorbike passed me by, then made a u-turn. He asked where I was heading, and I said Hulu Langat,
He wanted to offer me a ride. But I declined, and he said "Lu ada baik ka?", which means "are you in your right mind?".
Frankly, I don't think I am in the right mind, and no right minded person would be running this kind of route at this kind
of hour.

But there's no choice, except to reach Genting Peres. It's only like 7km left to Genting Peres. It's tough, probably
the part that's most demoralising. I lost track of uphills, and downhills. My legs were tired, I had no food, and
extremely fatigue. Plus, not knowing where you are really challenges you mentally. I felt like I was doing ironman(I know,
it's swim/bike/run), but I have been on the road for like 12 hours from morning to night.

The jungle along the path was eerie, and you could hear the insects, and whatever animals that live there. Finally,
I reached Genting Peres. I was so happy, and have only 9km to go. I sat down awhile to rest for a few minutes. Luckily,
the moon was 3/4 full. So it wasn't totally dark. 9km downhill should be easy, but at this point, it's tough.

Genting Peres at 9:30pm

Genting Peres...there's still light from the moon...but too faint for my HP camera.

I ran and ran, sometimes walking. The only motivation left to run is to get out of this as soon as possible. But for the
last 3km, I walked. I passed by some orang asli houses, and there were canines, a bunch of them barking and barking.
There were not chained, so if they wanted to bite me, I would be dead anyway. But the trick is to show them who's boss.
Just stand your ground, and let them bark.

Finally I reached the finishing point after 14 hours 52 minutes. The time was 11:22pm. Looking back, I wouldn't advise
anyone to run this route, at this hour. It's just crazy.


CP Waterman said...

Fuyoh!Almost 15hours on the run and only on a few fruits & drinks and a Mee Rebus. Absolutely mind boggling!That's 2 FULL marathons you have done at one go!!!


Tey said...

wah..salute u kau-kau lat....!!

C-CUBE said...

yip, u r a great athelete bro!!!!. words just cant describe wat you have done on Sunday. as if running the marathon in penang was tough, i cant imagine the toughness that u has to endure in your 15hr run. FUYOH!!!! salute, saltue.

yipwt said...

hey guys..
thanks for the encouragement..but I really think it's tough..bordering on crazy..

Seriously..anyone who runs a full marathon, it's no joke either. The distance is long enough.

Raymond said...

ooh my god! I dunno what to say!
anyone suggest u join the pacemaker team,i will inform the captain ronnie,u will bring glory to them

Anonymous said...

bro, congratulation on your fantastic acheivement. Running 82k on a single day is no joke.

however, running in a pitch black enviroment is actually endangering yourself and other road user too. so the next time if you plan to do the same, at least bring a blinker and a LED for safety reason.

just my 2 cents.


Carboman said...

you're our very own Dean Karnazes!

olga said...

Thanks for stopping by, and you did great on your long run! You just need to fuel more:) It's beautiful where you are!

Anonymous said...

Carboman, I go with you, this is our very own Karno! Impressive feat, Yip! Go for that 260km KL-Kuantan route!

Stupe said... are crazy.

But i like that! this will remind me not to give up when i run!

:) well done!

Ngae said...

Hi Yip: Great stuff. Doing it on your own especially with nobody else and no support. Keep going and take care. See you in the run someday...

yipwt said...

Ngae: Sure...see you in the next runs..I am trying to see which run I'll go.

Stupe: It's a bit wild....with the jungle at night.

Haza: I am not going to run to kuantan so soon. It'll take some time before i can learn longer and how to self support.

bola2api said...


u are truly amazing and gila at the same time :)

but pls take care when running in the dark. all of us still wants to read your running adventures in years to come, god willing

yipwt said...

hi bola2api,

yea...another goal is to stay alive. Dun want to die so fast..hehe

Azad said...

WOW! I'm so impressed with your feat, Yip. You just inspired me to run a full marathon, which I intend to do some day... dunno when yet, but planning in 2011, maybe.

Anonymous said...

i wonder why i never see u in race i've joined for last 6-7 years ago.. are u still in school? if u are really up to this 'so-good-lah' and 'great-lah' thing, then why no body interested to sponsoring u?

yipwt said...

I am not interested in getting sponsors, because there's no need. I run for the sake of running the distance.

I've could try to get some attention by all these runs, but that's not my intention.

Usually I join 20kmm above races for road running, and I seldom do it except major ones like marathon.

hope this answers..