Saturday, June 2, 2007

Run 63km cheras - hulu langat bt 14 - tekali - bt 18

I ran this route again for the second time. The whole distance of the journey is 63km. And it's not really an easy route. The route goes from cheras to ampang, then over the Ampang hills. After that you reach batu 14, kampung sg tekali, over the tekali hills. Then move northwards towards Gabai, batu 18, batu 14, over the ampang hills again, and back to cheras.

I am more well equiped now. I've got a running cap, a New Balance running shirt (rm 65), a pouch (i brought along 2 bananas).

With the cap and shirt, I was able to manage the heat better. The shirt sort of provide a cooling effect within, while the cap could shield sun rays that might hit you face on.

I didn't run too a very low heart rate, but steady pace. I was trying to spread myself longer and further. Only when at the hills, my heart rate goes up.

On the top of tekali hills, I met 2 guys (mazuan and rafis), who had just cycled up there from Desa Pandan, cheras. Not bad for middle age men. Not many men at their age are sweating it up. We chatted a little.

As I ran by semenyih, I came across lots of cyclist. It's a perfect road to cycle...but still quite dangerous. Since there's sparse vehicles on the road, cars and bikes tend to speed very fast.

The hardest and hottest part of the route is after batu 18 (it's reaching noon), and all the way back. I tried running offroad on the grass to keep my feet colder. It somehow worked. I ran a few kms, and then walked. It's really really hot. And running makes your body temperature goes higher. The reason of walking is to cool back down.

I ran the last few kms back to cheras...and have to do some internal mental talking just to keep on running. I tried to bargain with my body parts:
"Legs...your job is to keep on running...Eyes, your job is to see the direction...and Lungs & Heart, your job is to provide oxygen. And I just want to sit back and relax." worked.

To conclude...the run went ok...more running and less walking. But's tough.

Time: 10 hr 11 min

Going up Ampang Hill...

Reaching the top of Ampang Hill.

Tower at the top of Ampang Hills.

The sun rising'll definitely going to be a hot day. I can't spot much clouds in the sky.

Going down...

Going down...

Nice morning the route descends to batu 14.

Hulu Langat Bt 14 is marked by a big mosque.

Kampung Sg the foot of the hills.

Second hill's harder than Ampang as the slopes are steeper all the way up.

At the top of Tekali Hill...

Met with Mazuan and Rafis...these guys cycled from Desa pandan.

As you descend...the view is just breataking. With majestic hills as the background, it's like a place no other.

Direction...which way to Gabai?

Picturesque Semenyih of the reasons I run here.

Reaching the intersection to Gabai. If you head will lead to kuala klawang.

One of the food stalls before bt 18...the food is not bad.

Batu 18 hulu langat - not much here. Had a iced coconut drink..before running again. At this point, I have covered around 42km.

It's only way to cool down is to drink and drink

Can you say...3rd hill attack?

Going uphill on Ampang..again

self pic...after 63km.


Adrian said...

wow - what a run!!!

the ballbreaker run is a 25km "hash" run (following a paper trail) near Ulu Yam next sunday afternoon. orgasnised by a load of crazy old expats.

yipwt said...

oh..what's a hash run?...

hehe..i am no wonder didn't see this in pacesetters.

Raymond said...

wow! another feather on your magnificient cap!Keep it up man but hey,take it easy on the downhill ya.
So when awana to genting?

yipwt said...

hi week sunday should be ok...if nothing goes wrong.

I am still feeling drained out, but no major leg problems.

Anonymous said...

Breathtaking pictures! One thing about running is you get very well connected to nature. When's your next marathon? Forget marathon, I think you're ultramarathon material already.

yipwt said...

hi haza..i love nature..and running here..with less cars..and civilization is really great.

I am planning to run 84km back to back to kuala klawang...:)

Stupe said...

Bro...many apologies for not saying Hi...i thought it was you, and i read in this blog u say ur doing K.Klawang, so, i thought you would be on the other side of the world...with the cap on, i can't recognise you.

If not, i would had stopped and say hi! or offer you some water!

Really sorry...

by the way, the view at Semenyih Dam is damn nice. I agree with you, it takes the tiredness away on those rolling hills and big climbs.

Ngae said...

Great run. When you intend to do the Klawang run? See if I can join you.

yipwt said...

hi ngae,

I believe you ran ultra distance too...including the sahara one. 84km should be easy for you man...

I do want to run that distance...but still need to train more.

It would be a pleasure running with u...

sbanboy said...

Pengsan ..... wah you keep stretching yourself :D

Keep it up but mind the joints bro :D

Anyway Raymond can do a full medical check up for you anytime ...hehe

sungimann said...

I am absolutely awed by your run.