Thursday, June 14, 2007

Between Rain and Swim

These days, it's been raining in the evenings. I used to go swimming at a nearby pool (permaisuri). But these days, with unpredictable wheather, I have to cut a few goings.

And today, it also rained. Luckily, it wasn't heavy at my area. So I decided to go swimming again.
Having swim so often at the pool, I could see a few regulars. These are the guys, who is always swimming. I can bet you 99% they'll be there weekdays.

There are those who are the elites, who can really put 40, 60 laps consistently. And they could swim gracefully, yet fast. And yes, these guys have good upper body build.

Then there are those who are still struggling with the right style. And some swim freestroke, not in the correct stroke. But there's this particular guy, who swim in the most awkward way. He's well build too. However, every time he does freestyle, he tend to overscrew his hand under the water when lapping forward. Because of this, the whole body tends to struggle underwater. And his speed is...not surprisingly slower.

And there are guys who just swim in the same stroke again and again. They could really do with some improvements, which could have made them faster.

But I suspect some swimmers seldom run. You could really see from their legs. Which makes triathletes another special breed, who does all three disciplines of swim, bike and run. Yes, really a wholesome workout for the body.

As for myself, I am still freely experimenting on different techniques from time to time. You see, water is really a dense medium. Sometimes, if you tend to move forward with excessive force, you could move some distance per stroke, but you will tend to tire down easily. So, swimming is more like dancing really. You just have to get the movements correct. Or else, you can't swim gracefully. You have to cut through the water so smoothly, that there's less friction between your body and the oncoming flow of water. And this takes practise, practise and more practise.


bola2api said...

true.. all comes down to practice.

now I doubt I could do my first tri in july..

Raymond said...

Yip,u must join Chinwoo Biathlon this year,it's 800m swim and 8km run,normally held either in nov or dec.Sap sap sui for u....

Anonymous said...

How I wish I could swim...