Saturday, April 21, 2007

63km walk run hulu langat

"42km is just a mental limit, you can go farther"

That's what I kept on saying to myself. I had just traveled from Yulek Cheras, across the ampang hill, to batu 14, semenyih dam, gabai, then batu 18 hulu langat, then back to batu 14 hulu langat, then up the ampang hill again, and back home.

It's an 11 hour 20 minutes footrace. And i think I am not gonna walk tomorrow.

I don't know why I should push myself to do this...maybe it's just to see if I can come back alive.

At the starting path, it was a nice run, and thank God, my left knee has somehow learn not to scream pain each time I took a step. I have been adjusting my posture, and the way I ran. Probably this has help. Enduring pain with each step, is not an enjoyable experience. I am just glad the pain is manageable.

But when the sun starts to beat down on my face, and the temperature started to rise, I have started to slow down a bit. It was not the nuisance pain on my left knee, but fatigue. I just could not find the energy to run. At some points, I had to stop for some light snack and drinks. I just needed the energy to get back.

But there were times, I just had to walk. It's too bloody hot.

Nearby semenyih dam, a few cyclist went pass me. At those times, I just wished I was on a bike. One gal cyclist cheered "Keep on rocking" as she passed by. As for runners, I have not seen any.

Total hills that I had climbed and went down was 3. Ampang hill, and another one nearby Tekala.
The last leg up Ampang probably the hottest I have gone through. I walked up most of the way in the afternoon sun around 3pm. But at one point, I did some running to the top. One motorcyclist stopped by and asked me where I am going. I can sensed, he wanted to offer me a ride. But I declined...I just had to do this on foot.

I am glad I just back home. It's like a whole day on the road.


K.K. said...

Did u enter the Hulu Langat hill via Kg. Tasek Tambahan in Ampang? Hulu Langat is darn steep if one enters from Ampang.

Regardless, that's a colossal feat u achieved. Inspire me to run Langat too!

yipwt said...

hi kk,
Yup, it's up the hill from there. I wouldn't say it's too steep, but manageable.

Just be careful when running around hulu langat. there' too many lorries...

K.K. said...

i think i'd run up till the menara tinjau and back. how far u think dat is? ada anjing liar ga?

yipwt said...

hi kk,

From the base to the top (menara tinjau) is 3km from my guess.

It's not pretty far. If you keep on going forward, you'll reach batu 14 hulu langat.

Where do you stay?

K.K. said...

i hv houses in ampang jaya and cheras perdana (Bt. 9 3/4). so hulu langat sort of link these two places together. i sometimes use hulu langat way instead of cheras-kajang highway. so am quite familiar with the route.
am thinkin of asking Azman to run together. hehe...

menara tinjau and back, 6km. enough la for amateur like me :)

yipwt said...

hi kk,

hey no problem to run together. 6km still quite a distance, plus the hill climb.


Raymond Hee said...

wow! i dont think i can walk/run that far,sure die one hehe

PrincessRen said...

i can walk/run any miles if u give me 1 million.. haha. this is not a race rite? is this ur training? wah, no wonder lah u so fast 1... :)

yipwt said...

hi princessren,

It's not really training..just want to see how far i can go...

And i don't run fast too :(

Stupe said...

are you a ultra marathoner in making?

well done. i shalt be monitoring your blog for inspiration!