Saturday, April 7, 2007

Run Walk 42 km in Hulu Langat.

I have not run for like 2 weeks. But I was just thinking why not. My target was to run from Yulek Cheras, over the ampang hills, reaching Batu 14 hulu langat, then going to semenyih dam. And from there, use the road to Gabai, and coming back to hulu langat then going back to cheras. It's a 63km according to my calculation.

Yes, it's crazy, but plans could go wrong any minute. Turn out I was not prepared for the run. So I manage to cover 20k continuous run, then made a u-turn, and starting walking back.

In total the distance was 42km. So that's 22km walking. And now, my whole body is so hot, I could use it as an ironboard.

Time out on the road is 7:37 hours/mins.

Coming to think about it, my main complaint on running is that I've got an old wound a few years back on my left knee. Feel off a bike (not my fault), but it hit the knees. Perhaps this is why my right foot is OK, and my left will start to pain after a few Ks.

When reaching home, I was burning, ....famish ( I have not eaten yet), but it was a good experience.

One thing about this track is, I went up 3 hills (ampang hill up/down) and the hill to semenyih dam.

Maybe next time I could nail 63km :)

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jenny said...

jia you, jia you. Keep it up, you may do it next time. but take care of ur old injury