Monday, April 30, 2007

Night Run 31km

I felt like running again, so off I went to ampang, hulu langat batu 14, then batu 9 and back to Yulek cheras.

The best thing about night run is, there's no blardy hot sun to raise the temperature. So your body works perfectly well, not to mention it's cooler too. There's always a funny feeling of longing to be back on the streets at night. It feels like home, although far away. And sometimes, you feel like you are dreaming, and wondering what the heck you are doing.

And the moon was almost full, illuminating a clear path along the way. Running on pitch black night would be hazardous. You can't see where you are stepping. However the cars light passing by gives a glimpse of where you should put the next foot forward.

I took a few photos while half way to Ampang look out point. It's really a nice view of kuala lumpur.

base of the road to ampang look out point

nice view of kuala lumpur

yep...some folks enjoying the night breeze

this one is clearer view...

you can go up...there's restaurant up there...and better view of course

Legs were kinda ok, not so bad...

Time: 4:06


Raymond Hee said...

i wanna tag along too haha

yipwt said...

hi raymond...where do you stay?...i am thinking of running up genting perez this sunday...22km estimate distance.