Sunday, April 8, 2007

Swim 5km

After yesterday's 42km on foot, I quickly dashed to the pool near permaisuri lake. That's after having a nasi lemak with ayam. It's something I don't do everyday. Just to fuel up before swimming a long distance.

The wheather was a nice sunday morning. Would be a great if you could relax and play in the pool. But for guys who are on training, there's not a minute to be missed.

I got myself a speedo cap. Usually I don't wear caps, but figuring out that terengganu swim might need swimmers with caps, I got one. You see, in case you are in danger, they could spot you easily. Anything could happen, but the only thing I am afraid of is jellyfish. :P
One thing I am trying to figure out with swimming caps, is whether you should cover your ears with it, or not. I found out later, not covering feels better (at least for me), caused your ears will pain after awhile.

Swim was ok, not particularly that tired. The key to doing anything that requires a long period of time, is to build up an efficient aerobic machine. I could go on for like 3 hours if possible, but the pool opening hours is only 2.5 hours.

So, distance covered : 5km
Time: 2:10 hours/mins

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