Sunday, November 29, 2009

ultra run: 100km bukit aman done

Going 3rd lap: Pictures from Ray Ng and Mich Looi

A day before the run, I had some pain on my left shoulder. It was so bad, I needed to use my right hand to shift gears while driving. You may not need to use your arm while running, but it will affect if each swing spells pain.

Sunday came and it was bearable or somehow disappeared. I think I started around 7:28.

First round. Started on an easy pace. Met with lawrence, john before the 5km mark. Approaching petronas, met with bobby. I didn't stop at the station. Then on the way back I was chasing down a pacesetter t-shirt guy. Managed to squeeze into the lead for a few k after that, but I had to kick it off as I approach the slope up the car park. No point racing if you are going to do this 5 laps.
Time: 1:49:23

Second round. Took 2 bananas, refilled the bottle, and went back running. Surprisingly I didn't find the route boring going twice. Manage to find some folks still running although it's getting hot.
Didn't felt so bad as I completed it. But opted to have iced milo and soya at the nearby stall.
Time: 2:14:04

Third round. Things are getting tougher. As usual pain is creeping in. Had a call from Raymond Ng. It was nice of him to drop by. Ray and Mich took the trouble to drive around, just to took some photos. I had mixed feelings about it. Should I show I am enjoying the run, or for the fact, the truth is, my legs are indeed in pain. And it was only 5 hours into running. However this is the part where it's the hottest. Gladly, the sun was shaded from clouds, but you still feel the afternoon heat and humidity.
Time: 2:44:49

Fourth round. Had some plantar pain on the right foot. But kept it going. Pace is terribly slow. Then as I approached Plaza Damas, it started to rain. My shoes and socks was a bit wet, but that was enough to cause 2 blisters on both feet. Now, the rule to ultra running is always take care of your feet, before things get worse. And, I've forgotten to bring plasters. Tried to tape up the blister with some tape I bought from petronas, but that proved futile. So, then, it was running in pain. A few k before the car park, I found it odd to have sand rubbing on my top right foot. Opened it up, and it was an exposed blister. Great. Now the problem was partly the thick socks I've been wearing. I resorted to walking right-bare footed, but then wore it back and walked back to the parking.

Then I sat down using plasters to fix both feet, and I opted for another thinner socks. Hope this helps. Time was pretty slow with all the walking.
Time: 3:27:50

Fifth round. With both feet fixed, the pain from blisters was managable. And running was getting easier. But it doesn't mean pain is not there. It had been there since the 3 loop. Just that you try to pull yourself through it. From the start, I objectified this run, as trying to run as much as possible, and resting set to a minimal.

When things get tougher, I said to myself "I want my 100km". Automatically the mind resets, and I am back to running.
Time: 2:51:30

Game the whole thing in 13 hr 7 min.

Running bukit aman is not easy with hills, but certain parts are easier for the downhills. Good thing was I didn't bonked, or had cramps. Only pain and blisters.


Ajo said...

Arghhh.. gilerr laa 100km. Is like KL-S'ban(back)-kajang.. U super-duper ultra-mighty-man. Anyway tahniah & Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha'

RH said...

Head bow to for such tremendous feat! Is there anything u cant do!
U r now my officially ultraman idol!!!

Yip, if someday u get invites to give a talk on motivation and determination, would u be interested?

Btw,how do u change gear with your right hand??lol

Fong said...

congrats.. its really inspiring =)

Simon said...

Man, you have raised the bar to new heights, this is epic. I've done the loop twice a few times and thought I was a hero but five times, FIVE TIMES, I salute you again - I'm in awe of you (YET AGAIN).

plee said...

Amazing and very cool Yip....Well done! I like the way you note the splits. Thx for sharing mate!

Anonymous said...

wah lau eh...not human..especially it is hilly route.salute from heart !

Keep it up.


YS said...

You forgot your energy in the previous ride, now you forgot your plaster... n you ran with 2 blister for full-marathon distance... u r in-human! Salute kao kao...!!!

cheekaimun said...

U R so Impossible!!! Great job. 100k on a bike is tough but minus the bike...errr can't figure how that's possible.

yipwt said...


I can't speak that well...ok, I think I hurt my hand doing weights. To change gear...just hold the wheel using left, then change on the right. Sounds odd..but it was that bad.

It's tough...but I am hoping to do 8 loops. I don't know how...lets see. 2 times is indeed tough enough. heck, that's almost a marathon.

C-CUBE said...

wat can i said. u r definitely ready for next year TNF 100k solo.

kaki LARI said...

waah..sangat hebat..nice to know u..dis is passion..gud luck!

Tuan Senang Besar said...

and i'm sweating for 42km this sunday? :p you're crazy man. well done! R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

peter chan said...

yip, well done man, amazing. keep doing the impossible, it inspires the rest of us.

Denis Oakley said...


Anonymous said...

Any word is an under statement of what you have done .. someone has to come up with a new word ..

I am speachless my friend ... u deserve to be in Malaysia Book of Records!!!


zuddin said...

wow! doing the ultra alone? that's tougher than a race.. salute you man..
two things that i salute u, ran the ultra and change gear with the right hand.. hehe
good to know high spirit man like you. :)
and also good friends that taking pictures of yours.

miaomiao said...

yip, u r one crazy *toot*. u know that don't u?

Unactive UltraDistance Athlete said...


Just great to show off in front of Malaysian Running Community!

You love to be praised by others, raised by others but the fact is you just seeking the glory and lime light from those impressed by you 'JOB'..

Near future, asked for sponsorship, do proposal to support you racing oversea in Ultra Distance Event. Some of us tired to knowing you did your JOB since last two years!

Are you good enough?

yipwt said...

Hello ?...I do this because I set my own goals.

I could have contacted the presses, and put some kind of publicity into it, but I don't care about those. This blog is the only outlet I can put into writing, and well, that's it.

I just set some goals I want to do, then I do it, in my own personal capacity. I don't want to burden others waiting for one guy running more than 12 hours. The reason I run this mostly alone is that in Malaysia, you don't have ultra running events.

Said that, I am planning to run MR25 12 hours race this 27th dec.

And this is part of the training.

Anonymous said...

Those Who make criticism are just a Bunch of looser and jelous about other's achievement...Keep moving forward Bro.Gambateo!!!

Unactive UltraDistance Athlete said... said...

I guess most of Malaysian Running Community formed by POSER..have their own blog to post their own 'achievement', their 'training session', their 'daily life'..

that's why until now I can see Malaysian athlete run distance running (marathon and above)and perform at Asia level..

only 'seem' strong at your own ground..pity my friend from Malaysia said most of Malaysian athlete were 'jaguh kampung'

take a step forward, think something for your country!

Unactive UltraDistance Athlete said...

I guess most of Malaysian Running Community formed by POSER..have their own blog to post their own 'achievement', their 'training session', their 'daily life'..

that's why until now I can't see Malaysian athlete run distance running (marathon and above)and perform at Asia level..

only 'seem' strong at your own ground..pity my friend from Malaysia said most of Malaysian athlete were 'jaguh kampung'

take a step forward, think something for your country!

yipwt said...

You seem like a funny guy...ok, so can you list down your achievements for us to see.

Or let me know your bib number once you sign up for next year Sundown 84km.

By the way, I have a full time job, so by no means, this is going to be my bread and butter.

Wong CK said...

I agreed with Unactive UltraDistance Athlete opinion, he or she just throw his opinion regarding our Malaysia running community, seem you also can't hide your angry.

I like when he/she said why not u come with proposal to support ur craziness! It's cool!

"no more jaguh kampung"
"no more poser & glamour seeker!"

sorry to say Yip, you must admit your 'glamour world' slowly sinking your love to 'your sport'.


Unactive UltraDistance Athlete said...


I can't list down my achievement. Is it Malaysian judge the people by their achievement? How about their contribution to the sport and sport community?

You just only start 'your sport' when I was received my injuries..I guess you was still naked boy when I was first completed my IM Hawaii in 1983..

So please respect the senior, I dislike when you said "let me know your bib number once you sign up for next year Sundown 84km".

I also can say please let me know your bib number once you sign up for next year Badwater Ultramarathon.

You guys from Malaysia sure didn't have a cent to racing here, and of course didn't has any guts, knowledge or experiencing what we have here in USA!

Thats why I believe my friend from Malaysia word "our Malaysian runners most of them was a POSER", and now I still guess you (Yip) still a POSER!.

Anonymous said...


can't people do things just for fun anymore? even though how absurd or tough or extravagant it is, can't it be just for the sake of doing it? must everything be done for a reason? can't people share whatever they do with their friends? compare war stories? must these bloggers able to run sub-35 minute 10k, or able to compete with the kenyans, then only they are allowed to post their training stories on their blogs?

come on.... why so serious? why so uptight?

you are no better than those you criticize. 'unactive ultradistance athlete', living in your past glory. it's inactive btw. some of us were state/national athlete who won medals, but we don't go around showing off our past achievements or athleticism. get over it man... poser

Stupe said...

ultradistance and ck wong...why not put down your real link/identity instead of hiding behind nicknames?

And the engrand of both ultradistance and ck wong are pretty...similiar. :)

Cheers, see you both on the road.

K3vski said...

Hey I just got to know about these comments. And I find it pretty amusing actually. Kudos to Yip for continuously challenging the extremes. I myself have called Yip crazy many times, but he would always have my utmost respect.

He's doing this for his own personal goals, definitely not after any sponsorship, money or glory.

Unactive UltraDistance Athlete, from what I gather from your comments (although I must say, with your atrocious grammar, it was quite a challenge), you definitely sound like someone living in the past, can't get along with times. Those who tell their grandchildren 'When I was your age, etc. etc. etc.'

Yip has his right to do what he loves to do. Likewise, you have a right to comment too. And similarly, I have a right to comment on your comment :)

bink said...

Yip, you are crazy then, you are more crazier now. If you can do it, i don't see why nobody else do it. Would love to see you go the the Badwater Ultramarathon.

To whom it may concern. This is his blog, it's you who chose to read his blog. Can't he have the freedom to write whatever he wants in his blog? Why do you care?

At least he didn't announce to the public, magazines, news paper or Tv station. It's just him and his blog.

We have ultra's like Dean Karnazes, and David Goggins. Have one malaysians who did this kind of stuff, and guess what, he is a nobody, not a national athlete, not even being sponsored. He just do it for his own sake. And along the way people get motivated. Did he boast and not running. NOT..

It's up to people to put whatever they like in their blog. It's their space, it's their right. What do you care??

Tulis nama sendiri pun tak berani, kecoh lebih.


jue said...

don't bother with people who still live in the past. they don't even know the meaning of sportsmanship.
we are just a bunch of people who love to run & challenge ourself.

hey Inactive, if you don't like what you see or read here, please go back to your US with an A.

yip, keep writing & continue to do what u like.

YS said...

Yip, as an amateur with full time job... your heart and gut to do the ultra alone won my respect! Just ignore those discouraging comments, and continue to share with us your story... u have more readers than you thought. I often share your story with my wife and kids... like "... see, this guy ran 100km yesterday" etc. So, keep you flame burning, and please share your story.

Jamie Pang said...

Amazing feat! Here's looking out for you future adventures!