Sunday, November 15, 2009


Here's the new weapon for IM 2010 langkawi. Two new upgrades are in. Notably is the Carbona 60mm tri spokes, which I got 2nd hand, but still quite new. The other is a Fizik seat.

But it's not a guaranteed ticket to going fast. For still have to train.

And train you must.


Simon said...


K3vski said...

Speed machine!

RH said...

what a beauty! U got addicted to bike now eh,remember last time u told me u hated cycling :)

yipwt said...

Ray...I am feeling impartial about cycling now. I used to dislike it because it was so hard to go fast. I still like running though.

I got these wheels, so I can train to get faster on them.

It's not really about the bike.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yip,

Kenapa seat kamu tunduk kebawah? Bukan patut mendatar?

Mat Sob