Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lost at Sea: Would you do this?

I've just watched 'Lost at Sea', which tells the story of Andrew McAuley's solo kayak attempt across the Tasmanian sea to New Zealand. That's 1000 miles of pedalling. However, his kayak sank 30 miles off the coast, and his body never found.

He left behind a wife and a son.

The big question is, would you do this? Depends on whom you asked.
Many will comment that it isn't.

Sometimes it's good that humans can't see all the potential problems coming, or else they won't attempt the craziest challenge. The best you could do is make the best preparation, know the risk involved, and try to game it.

That had me thinking, what is the limit of human endurance? And I think the answer is pretty well 'death'. There's many stories about how long a human can go on without food, water, and we are talking about the average joe who was thrown into these situations involuntarily. Somehow, they made it back, while on the verge of crossing the line.

However, if men were not willing to go beyond his capacity, then he would not had made history. The past human achievements are men who went beyond the known limit, in any endeavor. It could be a ground breaking theory, space exploration or endurance sports.

Andrew, knew of course, he won't come back. He made the bet, but he lost it. But he didn't truly lost, because either way, he's now in the annals of human history.

"All men die...but few men truly live."


Note: Try finding the torrent for this video.


jonie said...

I watched this video before,and loved it. It all boils down to the choices one makes, and how much he wants to achieve anything in life. Was sad about his family though, but was impressed by how strong his wife was.

yipwt said...

yea...I am impressed by his wife. She showed courage where and when it's needed to support his husband...