Sunday, November 1, 2009

Genting Highlands: Mud and Fun at Awana

Visibility was marred by heavy fog.

I've learned that dudes who ride these...aren't always as macho as their rides.

This is just before the steep hairpin at 4.4km mark

The temple...before this is also another hard climb.

500 meters I decided to stop to enjoy some scenery.

Finally at the top...

Shih Ming and San bagged 2nd prize for Women's competitive.!

With the Genting Trailblazer happening at Awana, which I didn't registered, I thought it would be a good idea to head there with a bike.

Climb was tough as usual, and the misty conditions made visibility down to 100 meters.

I was thinking of just reaching Awana, but since there's another 6km to go, I thought why not the peak.

Although this is now the 6th time I've went up, it doesn't mean it's easier. It only makes you wiser.

Then I head down to join the THG group who were all having great fun and covered in mud. The girls did pretty well, bagging prizes in their respective categories.


Now, actually for the past 1 year, I've laid off most of running to train harder at cycling. As a result, the running mileage has really dropped significantly whereas, the cycling went up. I think I've reached what I wanted to achieve in cycling. I couldn't go fast for sure, but at least I could put on a decent speed.

One big misconception I had before cycling, was that it shouldn't be harder than cycling, can it? Well, it's generally not harder, but if you want to go fast, then that's another story. To be a good cyclist, you've got to build the right muscle configuration, and that comes through lots of training. I've noticed I had muscles at parts that I wouldn't have just by running.

But, cycling still doesn't hurt as much as running. I've cycled hundreds of KMs, and I was still ok after that. On the other end, I've ran ultras to the point I can't run.

Running itself is alluring because it's the most basic human movement, while cycling is machine assisted.

So, for now, it's back to running. I've signed up for MR25, and maybe, sundown next year would be in. I am planning to run some ultras back. Cycling will now take a back seat.


YS said...

Hi Yip, welcome back to running! Sorry to comment that, due to safety reason, I am not a fan of road-cycling, at least in Malaysia urban road. In my life, I've only owned a bicycle 20 years ago, and it was stolen precisely 1 week after I bought it... imagine the kind of damage done on a teenager who safe years for the first bike! Now I am a father. It is even more difficult for me to cycle on the road due to safety. However, I am planning to try mountain-biking (off-road cycling) once I successfully completed my first marathon distance. With your 'Impossible is Null' spirit, probably you may wanna try that as you've already had the 'physical' to do so.
By the way, why such an abrupt switch from cycling to running?

yipwt said...


I don't think I'll take up MTB...too many things.

I am not laying off cycling, but just less training, and more running :P

Ajo said...

Yip, look like the end of Cycling story-mory.. back to running. hummmm.. betul ka running do help in cycling BUT cycling not much helping in running??.. err, Manjung U ada go ka?

yipwt said...

hi Ajo,

hmm...regarding cycling helping in running, I think the parts that helps is stronger cardio. In cycling you can push your cardio without sacrificing your legs.

As for running helping in cycling,'s hard to say. I think if you are good at both, then it complements each other.

Powerman lumut? I am going but not taking part.. :P

YS said...

Yip, just curious, does cyclist (like yourself) cycle 'stationary' in front of TV during rainy day for hours, just like those ad by gym equipment marketeer? Might consider getting one of those if it helps to strengthen cardio...:)

Am fan of your blog, especially on your sharing on the Ultras (run and cycling). Am waiting for ur upcoming 'gila' sharings... Run Kelawang 171km, Run 200km, Run KL-Kuantan 260km... simply INSPIRING!!! Oh... how's your corals? hehe...:) :)

yipwt said...

YS...I don't think I can sit down and cycle at a spot. It's kinda boring, but yes, they are good for cardio.

As for running to klawang, I don't think I would want to do that again. But I am hoping I can reach 200km by running bkt aman 10 times. Lets see how.

jonie said...

i salute u man!!... 200km!! hmm.. any plans to join the trail ultras like Leadville.. tt would be tres cool..!!