Thursday, December 10, 2009

Testing the new wheels...

Frankly, the tri spokes looks nice, but they weigh a lot. In fact, they are exactly 1.9kg both. Compared to the previous Mavic Ksyrium, I think it's an additional 400 grams.

But they are pretty pretty fast. I had no problems going uphills with them to Genting Peres, or up Genting Sempah. In fact, I felt it sort of propelling the bike upwards.

Had a bike ride to Bentong last week, and it was a blast. Onwards from Sempah downhill, I could easily reached 42km/h sustaining pace.

However, frankly my cycling legs were kind of lost after weeks of running. High profiles are really excellent, if and only if you have the power to push them.

I'll look into serious cycling next january for the coming IM 2010.