Thursday, June 21, 2007

Running And Sleeping

I woke up around 7:30am, and I did my usual 11.71km run. For half the run, I was practically "sleeping" in the sense that my body is still in dreamland. I had lots of dreams last nite. And I couldn't shake it off. Why is it that I am running but I feel that I am not quite there?

It's the kind of feeling when you do something, everything goes slow motion. It took a minor knee pain to wake me up. The funny thing is, I began to like it that I felt pain. At least, I felt something...rather than numb.

This weekend would be the Penang Bridge Marathon. Running Mom is going...wish her best of luck. It's her maiden marathon. I understand how...a nerve it could be. For my first marathon, I couldn't even sleep a wink, just rolling on bed.

I was thinking of running the 84km back to back Kuala Klawang this weekend for some action. My training log is full of...white spaces....which means I have been slacking too much...

Let's see how it goes..

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sbanboy said...

All the best for the marathon :D