Monday, December 31, 2007

Unplanned Run: Pacemakers Network Run 2008

As the Pacemakers always says..."run like kok"

Picture from pmtey

I called up Raymond this morning after reaching Lake Gardens. No pickup. I thought he's busy managing the run, but soon found out my call turn out to be his alarm clock :)

Manage to meet up with a few guys I read their blogs, namely carboman and seecube.
I also met up with Tan Ay Peng, who managed to run 5 loops for MR 25. That's a whopping 50 plus km. I couldn't make it this year, but looking forward next.

Actually I didn't plan to run, but since Kelvin Ng mentioned that the course is 3.8km per loop, and the total race distance was 13.8km (6 loops), I was wondering if I could do it in one hour. That means each loop has to be 10 minutes and below.

I timed myself, and soon found myself running among the real runners. For the first 4 laps, I managed to clock all below 10 minutes per loop. But not for the remaining loops.

In the end, I managed to clock 1:02:03. And I did a check on the fast results coming in from That'll mean that I could come in 3rd placing for my category!

I should have joined officially :P


Carboman said...

Glad to have finally met you!

yipwt said...

hi carboman...nice to see you there also.

C-CUBE said...

ultraman Yip, nice meeting u yday,

yipwt said...

hi c-cube,

Yup...nice meeting you as well...u look tough...any chance doing triathlon as well?

le_runner said...

steven, glad to meet u finally !!

yipwt said...

hi le_runner,

I assume you are victor rite? Nice to meet u too..