Friday, April 4, 2008

The longest swim

6km non stop. I wanted to do 6.5 in the pool yesterday, but time was running out. 6.5km is exactly the distacnce for the Pulau Kapas Swimathon on 13th April.

I could swim fast and strong in the first 2km, but was reduced after that. Muscle fatigue set in, and I was just cruising along. Tried to stave boredom off by playing the Duffy Mercy song in my head. Hey, if you could synch with the "yeah yeah yea" part, with the swinging of your hands, you could actually swim faster.

After 4km, it's uncharted territory. There's one dude, at the end of the pool, who seemed to have a disbelief look at this face. I could only guess "does this guy runs on energizer batteries?". I used to have that thinking 2 years ago, when I could hardly swim a few laps continously. There was this 50+ year old man, who kept on belting lap after lap, with hardly a difficulty, and I was thinking, here I am, years younger, and gasping for air every few strokes.

Now, I could properly stroke the water strongly in the early laps, but after 4km, it's a good idea to paddle slower, because with fatigue, you can't really properly place every stroke efficiently.

With 50 meters to go, I thought to myself, that I can now confidently challenge pulau kapas. Nevermind the fact there's rolling waves, side currents, salt water, sea lice, jelly fishes. It would be fun.

I hope.

Time: 2:13:20


Anonymous said...

i am very impressed with your physical fitness. sure u not with the navy seal or something? UTK? commando elite squad?

i bookmarked your page just to gimme the little nudge & motivation for going to the gym

Anonymous said...

Sir, are u doing the Langkawi Challenge next month? I am sure you will finish top 5.

John said...

1st the longest run, next the longest swim, when are you going for your longest fly, dear superman?

yipwt said...

hi anonymous,

nope...i am dealing with softare development. And I don't think i can finish top ranking. There's load of others better.

John, if I can only fly...

Raymond said...

Our limits are non existence and we shall push ourselves out fr our comfort zone to achieve accolades.All the best in Kapas ya.
Cant wait for your race report next week!

zulhassan said...

im sure u cant do below 3 hours this time.

zulhassan said...

sorry u can ...heheheh

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

You are an ultrarunner and will be an ultraswimmer...and so, it's I have always wondered who that guy is from my childhood days till now...that guy who's in a red & silver suit with a blue blinking light on his chest that becomes red when he gets tired of whacking his regular monsters which only destroys cities with high voltage lines running across.
You are ULTRAMAN!!!!!

yipwt said...


will try....will try. Straight line is 6.5k, but...average you'll swim 7k because of offshooting from the line due to waves.

that ultraman is very big size ler. btw, 6k is not ultra. Unless it's swimming across malacca straits or crossing the english channel equivalent.

Stupe said...

get down on knees and start praying to humble Yip.