Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bike Love

"My boss is offering 1k to spray the whole car, usually it cost RM2k." It's an offer made by the workshop guy, perhaps to increase their revenue. My car's condition is not fancy, with the paint almost worn off some parts, from years of usage, and minor scratches. The seats cushioning really needs a makeover. In fact the car wind screen cracked and stayed that way for a good number of years. I would get an F for car maintenance, for the only thing I am only willing to change are batterries, oil change, and the usual repair cost.

I declined the offer. There's more alternative things I could buy with 1k. Perhaps a nice compact crank for my red polygon bike. I had been checking the weight, and it was awesomely light. That would certainly improve my bike speed while cranking up hills. Or maybe a new gear shifter because mine is still Shimano Sora (the lowest range).

The car is in fact ready for me to take. But somehow, I didn't know if I want to drive it. I haven't gone to a petrol station in weeks, and the last time I pumped petrol was for the chartered van we had in Langkawi. The last 2nd time was in January when I pumped Rm10 bucks for my mum's car. I haven't check if I had the car keys each time I went out. I hardly knew what petrol and diesel cost. I barely remember the car tyre pressure, but I remembered I had to pump 110 psi for my bike tyres. I haven't listen to the car radio in ages. I haven't got stuck in traffic jam, and wonders how it feels like to be in there, because most of the time, I just whizzed by.

Now, what will I do with the car? Oh yeah, drive. How many gears does a car has ? Was it 4 or 5? I do remember I have 10 gear speed for my bike though.


Keat Seong said...

Hahahaha... u r officially bicylized!!! :P

Anonymous said...

too gila with bikes..lol

Stupe said...

Happy Birthday Ultraman!

Bobby said...

Happy Birthday Ultraman!!
& Enduroman to be!!!

I like u said about bikes. I totally agree wit it. Really & The true Definition of Cost Saving & Environmental friendly. Not to mention the time saved from the jam, & the minimization of Fatal Road Accidents...