Sunday, August 9, 2009

Genting Highlands: Racing towards Sempah

A superbike crashed just right in front.

The climb before this temple was steep.

0.9km before the final ascent..

Only a handful cycled..including Raymond Tan and Leonard Lim

They ought to put a cyclist up there, just in case!

Was supposed to meet up with Raymond Tan at 7:30am at HOA. I reached at 7:45, but he was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he has went off? As I was preparing the bike, I forgotten my small back pack with all the bike tools in case of puncture. Damn...I could still ride, and I was hoping the tyres don't go bust.

I usually do HOA-sempah at my own speed. While not fast, it was fast enough to pass riders. Just like 2km after HOA, I passed a bunch of 15 riders. And guess what, 2 riders jumped into my back and we went ballistic.

I tried to cycled faster, yet the 2 hung on like leeches. It's definitely a race uphill, as we pant and cycled and attack each corner. Soon, the dude in the white shirt went ahead. I was tired, but not out. So I drafted behind the 2nd guy. The first guy is like 50 meters ahead. Never mind...we'll see how long he can last.

They are pretty young and strong, but maybe lesser experience when coming to hill climbs. The first guy stood up for most of the uphill when he could have pass on just by sitting. After sometime of chasing the leader, finally the gap is bridged. I went up ahead, but the race is not yet finished.

The final hairpin came into view. I was side by side with the white shirt guy. I knew it was time to attack. Dropped one gear and mashed the pedals. Another gear, and I was far ahead. Time to Sempah was done in 42 minutes ( I think my fastest ever). Later I asked where they were going and they said bukit tinggi. I was really thinking of joining them because I was totally spent racing. Btw, they were brothers. The white guy shirt's name is Edison.

Met Sam Matsunaga was said he was going to Bentong. Nice chap.

Oh well. Better to suffer going genting. I guess lets see if I could make it to Gohtong. I bid the two goodbye, as I said I was going up Gohtong. I could see disbelieve in their eyes.

Now the first 4 km from Sempah is pure torture. It's climb, climb and more climb. If you could preserver at this route, then you got a chance up Genting final ascents.

Reached gohtong mamak for refeulling, then proceeded to attack the peak. It's tough as usual, but this time I stopped more often because of the race to sempah. But I felt the climb was more manageable after knowing what to expect at each turn.

Reached the glorious arch, and then rested for some honey lemon, before a downhill joyride back to HOA.

This is my third time up. And there's another one next week, which I have a confirmed rider as well. And Raymond Tan and his friend Leonard Lim did made it to the peak and back for a first timer.


cheekaimun said...

Hey Yip, can I join you this weekend on your climb up the monster mountain. Have not done so for quite some time - I missed the mountains. Pls (if convenient) leave a message at my blog on time & place to meet up. Cheers, Chee.

cheekaimun said...

Hi Yip, am quite out of date, no facebook. my e-mail