Monday, September 28, 2009

It's time for cycling...not F1

Isn't it ridiculous? We pay for highway usage, and still, we have traffic jams? Wait...that's like blaming others when we our selves are the culprits.

You see, Malaysians just like to drive. Either it's to schools, or work, or meeting up with friends. Partly the problem is there's not much alternatives. Partly is our demand for driving is always there. On average, last years passenger new car sales in this nation was 450,000 cars.

We yearn for comfort in our own car. And we aren't going to sacrifice this privilege for less. Going green? yea...rite.

Rather than blaming others for our traffic woes, we need to seriously look at our way of getting around. We could do so, by riding a bicycle. If not to work, then maybe, just maybe, to your nearest shops, and neighbourhoods. We need to humanise our roads. KL ain't big. I've rode a bike all over KL, and it's a pretty small city.

I choose to ride a bike, so that I could leave my car for longer distance, or off peak hours.

As many cyclist and triathelets do read this blog, well, it has to start from you guys. What's the point of training on cycling, just for the sake of triathlon? Make it a point to cycle to work once in awhile. If you could conquer 180km one shot, what is KL? Have problems with sweat? Get over it by bathing in the office. Find your own way.

Don't blame the government, public transport, or the hot weather, or others. Try to look at ourselves, and how much we drive, and how much we spent just travelling in a car.

If many Europeans can adopt cycling in their lifestyle, I don't see why not for malaysians.

We can change this....if we want to.

And if you can join this group:

Commuting To Work On Bicycle


plee said...

Nice n Fully agree! Let's start with the man in the mirror before we look to outside causes.

K3vski said...

I'm guilty of driving 10km to my work as well! Even in the cooling weather in Perth. My excuse - I'm not sure where I can place my bike. Definitely not leaving it outdoors to tempt potential thieves. Maybe my colleagues won't mind seeing a bike in my office, as I have my own room.

yipwt said...


Get a bike you can lose...since you have your own room...the easier..

But actually the situation doesn't really applies to Aussies.

KL jams is really calling for drastic measures...

Anonymous said...

cycling in KL? Hell no! with hot weather? I just dont want my dark skin getting even darker..

Anonymous said...

While cycling to work is outta the question for me, I've ditched my car when I want to get supplies from the kedai runcit, or going to the atm nearby. :) People have just got to try it, it's fun!

YS said...

Am sole bread winner of the family of 3 kids... just don't wanna take the risk of riding bicycle round KL. Sorry to the cyclist here for my pessimistism. I resorted to walking whenever situation permits. For me, no problem to walk few kms or an hour, even under hot sun... but cycling along Old Klang Road (my neighbourhood) is too dangerous. Frequently, cars and buses zooom passed us as near as 6 inches. Yip... sorry for the cycling part. Walking or running, anytime... no problem. Cycling? around residential compound, off-peak only.
My way of beating the jam is to leave home at 6:30am and reach office before 7am.

In Training said...

Commuting to work on Bike, is the best :) Cost effective, & at least we done our part of being environmental friendly.

Heat is just an excuse. There is a will there's always a way.