Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bareno Run 2010: Speed test

The uncle on my left was sprinting all the I just can't lose...

My bro coming back in 1:16..not too bad.

This was not in my to do list actually. But after hearing the run from Keat Seong, Jenn, and Kevin Siah, during lunch with the rest of the gang, I thought it would be probably a good idea to crash the race. So I egged my brother to join as well.

Woke up around 6am, had a piece of bread and we're off. Managed just to get in time a few minutes before starting. Managed to bump into KS, Jenn, and kevin before the race. We're in the back pack, and when the race started, it took some time before the pack thinned and allowed us to get into running mode.

Soon after the first left turn into the highway, I was picking up the pace and passing runners. Passed by Fairuz, then Yee Choy (Roger Yee's dad). Then it was soon heading back to the stadium. Met Tey (the ever dedicated sports photographer), and that's when I realized the 10km guys were coming in.

So I tried to hook up to an indian runner in blue shorts, but he was too fast. But soon he slowed a bit further down, and I could make a pass.

But the highlight of the day was, when I found out Ronnie and Kenny Tan were in front. You see, we had made a wager to beat Ronnie during lunch yesterday, just for fun sakes. Now that I was tailing him, I tried to think if I should give chase?

Given the pace that I was able to muster, it was in fact doable. So, I ran past the duo, say hi, and then pushed the pace further.

But I wasn't pushing past bonking stage, since I don't know the route well. Then a veteran in orange vest came blazing past. Gave some chase and managed to pass him back. He would turned out to be finishing with both of us crossing the line.

Managed to caught up with Barry Lee, which was another surprise. He was indeed pushing it real hard. So I just keep tailing behind. But when the hills came, he dropped back.

Back to the finishing in 1:05:05. And the weird thing is, I didn't felt bad. The marshalls were wondering about my bib but I just showed I had none.
Based on the timing I could have got 11th in Men Open 15km.

Anyway, it's all for fun.

My real focus is actually on Singapore's NTU 218km run within 36 hours. The furthest I've been on foot is 147km, and that took 26 hours. Tobias (the 3rd guy in his IM langkawi age grouper), is taking part as well. And yes, we are somehow scared.

How on earth do you cover more than 5 marathons distance in one run? I really have no idea.

But remembering this might help..."You don't have to be fast, you have to be fearless..." (quote from the book `Born to Run` when commenting on Leadville ultra 100miles)

*thanks to Frank for the pics...*


::Ajo:: said...

uishh.. gila ahh. For fun-fun oso clock 1hour for 15Km... pakai NOS ka?? hawhaha..

plee said...

Well done! As for yr 218k challenge mebbe this might be useful.(I know nothing about ultras).

Go to

All the best!

yipwt said...

what he said in the article...I had gone through that.

thanks lee...

jennifer said...

u just had to say hi to ronnie when u ran pass him.,.hahaha