Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In memory of Ngae

When Frank sent me the message of Ngae's passing, I was really in shock. It was just very hard to believe. He had been battling brain tumor for a year, and after an initial comeback in Putrajaya half IM, things doesn't seemed so well after that. He was having memory loss with even his best friend. But the reality of his condition didn't sinked in, after knowing more details from his wife's story during the memorial. If I had known that it was that bad, I would have paid a visit.

We know him as someone who is full of life, joyfull, and friendly. And he was one tough guy. He ran Marathon Des Sables, ran ultras, did 3 IM, and countless other races. His uniqueness stands out, and he's always a well known guy. He's sort of a rock to most of us. And of course, I think he's a bit crazy sometimes, running barefoot, and wearing a sarong. But he doesn't seemed the less minded of it. He just does things his own way.

Before I started doing ultras, I had gained some inspiration from him, especially on the 100km he did from Subang to PD. If this guy could do it, then somehow, I had hope, that I could do that as well.

I believe his passing would have us ponder our mortality. Death is something will come. But the bigger question is, did we live fulfilling lives? Did we try to savor each passing day? Did we fulfill our dreams? I think, Ngae has shown us that he had lived his dreams. He trains and puts a lot of effort into them, and that has inspired the rest of us greatly.

He'll always be in our memories, as long as we live.