Sunday, October 31, 2010

Genting Trailblazer 12km Run

Jamie & Jeff Ooi

This year, the organizers had set up 2 days with different course of run. I joined the Saturday 12km, as getting drenched in mud, wasn't I think, fun. Did some trails training prior, and I think I had the right fitness level to tackle it.

Met with some friends prior to race. Jeff Ooi, Lee & his wife, Major Kalam & his son, and Allan was there as well. And some African runners were there to try, wait, that's not a right word. Win, is more likely.

After some of the usual aerobics, we're let off at 8:30. Just after the start, the African's dazzling speed is no match for the local runners. They were so fast, that I lost them just after a few hundred meters. Mark williams passed me by, and he's off. Ahmad, the Moroccon runner (wasn't participating officially), went fast as well.

I was just trying to hang on. When the trails started, I was in my element. The shoes gripped well, and I was able to bounce off & leap easily. But when the uphill starts, that's when the walking started.

After the wooden staircase, there's even more rocky uphills to battle. Then it's back down for a 2nd loop.

Miro (this guy cycled up to Awana yesterday) caught up with me after the 2nd loop. But on the uphills, I couldn't caught up. Lungs were just going almost max. I was wondering if I could still push it.

Anyway, back to the finishing in 1:09:57 at 17th position. It was kind of fun, and that's what trails is.

Now if only I could figure out how to train to run faster.

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