Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Malakoff Powerman 2010

I did this race last year. However, then, it was just to replace Victor Loh, who had an unexpected injury.

So, this year, it was my first time seriously doing it. Therefore, no more cycling to Lumut like last year.

And we're kind of lucky, as it drizzled a bit before the race. Last year, it was terribly hot.

Now, the race format is to run 11km, then cycle 64km, and then run another 10km. Sounds easy compared to half Ironman,

First run. We're let off on the dot. I have no set timing for this. Just run as fast as possible. Surprisingly, I saw Don Khor and thought that I would try to match his pace. But perhaps due to my immaturity in pacing, I passed him early. Of course, he passed me soon at the path coming back for the first loop.

Finished in around 42 minutes.

Then it was bike time. Now, I have yet neglected training seriously for the bike, and it shows. Tried to gun for 40kmh but found 35, 36 to be my pace for the remainder. Now funny thing was, I thought it was only one loop, after finding out that one loop doesn't suffice for 64km. Got the better of it, and did 2 loops.

I had one powergel after the bridge.

Finally it was the last run leg. The first loop was still cool. I saw Shahrom passed me just right in front of the water station, and in his haste grab the whole water bottle as he sprinted beyond. I was beginning to get cramps on both quads. Had to get some spray on, and just hope my legs will bring me through.

2nd loop and I was just wanting to end it all.

Came back in 3:34

Congras to all who have finished it. Especially to Richard Tang who aced with 6th position in 3:20. Simon Cross would have a good nemesis coming into his age group soon.

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Perfectionist said...

Surprise to see my name mentioned on the blog and comparing me with the fast and fit Simon Cross. Now I'm flushed and honored :)

Indeed it's a great race, nice weather and a flat route.