Thursday, August 16, 2007

Next Target: 147km Ultra Run

After completing 103km last weekend, I'll be planning and training for a 147km run. From Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, through Hulu Langat, then Kuala Klawang in Negeri Sembilan. And the, run all the way back.

Now why such a distance. It's easy to explain. If I were to run from KL to Kuantan 260km, I'll need to at least run such a distance to have confidence in reaching 260km. If I could take the brutal punishment of 147km, god willing, I could reach Kuantan.

Running 147km would also mean longer time on the road. I am hoping for 24 hours for finish.

There's a few things when running an ultra:

1) Bring a tape to fix your feet for blisters.
This is perhaps the best thing to bring. I had a blister at 35km. So I stopped, and wrap around it with tape. It felt better after that.

2) Bring extra socks. If it rains. Running in soaked socks and shoes is not the best experience.

3) Bring lots of food. If it's time to eat, you eat. Just think bout it. If you are hungry during normal meal hours, then running continuously throughout the day drains you more.

4) Prepare mentally to run through the night. Once you are in a state of acceptance of the dark lonely situation around you, you won't easily freaked out.

5) Bring some music. Running is a boring routine. Some music would be great to maintain sanity.


Raymond said...

I think i'll DRIVE to kuantan hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha...Raymond, that's cute!

Anyway, Yip, what shoes do you use to run that far? Just wondering. Mine seem to wear off sooner than everybody else's.

And all the best in the next feat.

Anonymous said...

And oh yes, happy meditating!

yipwt said...

hi haza,

I am using adidas shoes. Actually any good shoe will do.

What type of shoes doesn't really matter as long as you are comfortable in it.


pacemaker said...
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Tey said...


When is date ah ?

No better find support team mah....!!

Safety always come first ya...!


yipwt said...

Hi Tey,

Before end of this year. But no specific date. I will run if I fell I am ready.

I plan to run solo. :)

I do bring along a phone, just in case.