Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Looking Back...

Since I started tracking my training running / swimming distance, I managed to get above 1000 km and 55km swim within 4 months. If that is taken as average, it means that I could manage to run 3000km only per year. Which is not a lot.

And I am still wearing the same Adidas shoe since early this year. Although at first it was a bit tight at the front, now it fits like a glove comfortably. I have no idea when to change shoes...maybe if the soles falls out, then I am going to get one.

I am trying to set a lifetime goal of 100,000 km (if I lived that long). This will translate into 33 more years. I am currently 28 years of age. So it's still a reachable goal.

On another hand, Ramadhan is here, so I will have to observe fasting. It's a month of testing your endurance without eating/drinking during day time. But frankly, after all these years, what I did observe is people tend to eat more, because the food is extra delicious. Me included. Just walk into any food market just before breaking of the fast, and you could see arrays of delicacies.

But, I'll still continue running at night...that'll burn off the extra calories from all the mouth watering food.


CP Waterman said...

Yes fasting does tremendous good to a person inside out. It draws us so much closer to God.

Now that you mention about those food I used to skip meals so that I can hold down more of the Mee Rebus, exotic kueh mueh, satay & so many more.hehe
Over here, makan sendiri saja!Sigh!

Do have a good fasting month!


yipwt said...

hi waterman...

I bet that you really miss malaysian food..

damn..hungry liao

sbanboy said...

Wow you are committed :)

Stupe said...'re already a god with those distance. I'm hardly running half what i used to be.