Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Runners have big hearts

The article by Yahoo "Tour de France cyclists have big hearts" captured an insight into how the body adapts to intense long period of physical activity.

It's mentioned there that their heart size is 20-40 percent larger than normal. It made me wonder how big a heart I had. Perhaps getting an x-ray would be a nice way to know.

I have a big concern on Malaysians who eat unbalanced diet, smokes, and exercise less. Our health minister keep on emphasising that diabetes, heart disease, hypertension is going up. Millions are being spent yearly on medicine for that. But one look around our society, and you know many will eventually come to terms with these preventable disease.

To smokers: Am I really stupid enough to do this to myself?

Just go to a night mamak stall, and you can see it coming. Smokers, and fat laden food.

In my opinion, it's better for us to have a culture of sports. Like running. I have met a guy from Holland during KL international Marathon. He said he was suprised to see so few runners 1 hour before the race. Over there, it's usually full.

By adopting some kind of sports, you have an alternative to bad health choices like smoking. You will have to choose between smoking or running. Eventually, common sense should take the better hold.

And of course why runners are such nice people? It's because they literally have big and healthy hearts :)


Raymond said...

I love mamak and fast food la haha but i believe we shud eat in moderation since we runners have high metabolic rate so we can burn it off pretty fast,hence the rate of getting arteriosceloris will be kept min

yipwt said...

I remember reading an article, mentioned a man in his middle age having heart problem.

He was surprised because he's quite active, and didn't mind his food.


CP Waterman said...

Absolutely true, I can't agree with you more!Hope more & more Malaysians will take heed.
The lung pic looks horrible, I can't breathe liao...
Thanks for bringing the message to us!


Stupe said...

i used to be a smoker, averaging 2 packs a day. that was a good 5 years ago. but yes, i did regret it, those were the years i was at my prime.