Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bukit Aman Training Run

Bukit Aman conjures an image of the police for Malaysians, but for runners on a run, it's the best place to train & meet other runners.

Last sunday, Raymond Hee & Raymond Ng & I had a run. We started at 6:45am. Already I could see lots of other runners starting out. Vincent & Khoo joined in the early run, but soon outpaced us. Yeap, they were that fast.

The route is scenic, with rolling hiles at some parts to make it tougher for runners. But I think the most fun part of the run is meeting others on the same trail. So far, I have just run alone, and well...the feeling is different. Running can be much fun if you got a few partners.

The end of the route is a petronas station, which I have no idea where. That'll be 10k, but you could another 1k going around it. So to and back will be half marathon. Double this, and you have a marathon. :)

On the way back, I am feeling a bit bored, so I pushed a bit. :)

On comparison with my usual 12km or 20.9km in Cheras, it's much easier and milder. Hence I was able to run up & down with ease. For my training runs, I do lots of hills. Total elevation up is 236 meters. I've got so used to fighting hills, which is quite rewarding for strength training.

But definitely, this is a good place for run.

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TomatoMan said...

Hey Yip,
Good to have you in our usual sunday run. You paced us real kaw kaw on the way back to bukit aman. We did sayur the hot marathon chic eh....hehe!

You had some nice pics apart from the fact that you did an ultra run to kuala klawang. You memang ULTRAMAN!!!