Wednesday, November 7, 2007

No more KFC, MacDonalds

I've just came back from having a decent snack plate size KFC. I went with anticipation of a nice finger licking meal, but found myself hating every bit of it.

It's very seldom that I went for fast food. I think a decent meal cooked at a stall is much more nutritious and healthy.

Think of fat, think of all the calories you are swallowing, and not using them. Rather than taste nice, somehow my brain has been rewired to expunge the taste. And not to mention the mayonnaise on top of salad. Besides, the 2 pieces of fatty clinging skin, is deep fried. Think of it. Deep fried, and while you are eating, you can still taste skin fat, with fried oil.

And then we have pepsi as a drink. Whatever happen to plain water? Notice that your set meal does not come with a choice? If you want, you'll need to get a separate bottled water at an extra cost.

It's something about fast food that makes them so mechanical, colorful, tasteful and attractive, but lacking the home made taste that we are so used to. That something is the mechanical systematic process of food production and hyped out marketing of millions.

I am not going to eat KFC, ever.

And I'm going for a 3km swim just to burn it off.


BicaraTeruna said...

wow, I just read abt your runs..

are you really gonna do KL-Kuantan run?

holy cow. hehe

my salute hat goes to you

Azman said...

My last McD was a month ago. Last KFC.. hmm... I can't remember.

Congratulations Steve! You've overcame the craving.

yipwt said...

hi bicara,

maybe early of next year. I need to finish a few distance shorter than that, then only got the confidence.

azman, I never ever like KFC and macD, didn't crave for it either...just that i dunno what to i succumb to the marketing tactics of KFC and MacD.
Btw, you are one of those..and you'll be in IJN in no time.

Anonymous said...

"...and you'll be in IJN in no time..."
Not if you swim 3 km after that. :)
At least there's balance. But you won't lose anything by totally eliminating fast foods from your diet. We work so hard to stay healthy, why ruin our body by fuelling it with junk?

Anonymous said...


you're a total nutter! but amazing stuff man. are you like superhuman or what? salute you man.

hope you run down south next time

kirpal singh

yipwt said...

hey kirpal, need to be a nutcase to run really long distance.

but i am not the only one...checkout

Anonymous said...

wow... cool. I'll be running my first full mara in less than 2 weeks. I hope to join you in this nutt club. lol

take care.


ps: I misposted this comment here instead of putting it in your super ultramara blog.

yipwt said...

hi kirpal,

u r going for SG marathon rite?...hehe...enjoy the pain man.

Anonymous said...

yes sir

I am. i hope the weather is not going to be a pain. terain wise its flats all the way only the heat is a worry. a small consolation, start time is 530am