Sunday, March 16, 2008

Marathon is peanuts?

I always get "Marathon should be easy for you" remarks. Wait, that let me ponder for awhile. Is it easy? And I've always try to think what to answer. Marathon is not easy by the way. It's 42km of running. Try asking the average joe to run that, and you'll get a blank stare saying "no way...why run? i've got modern transport....".

For the record, I have only ran one measly marathon until now. And it was anything but easy. I remember pushing myself to run continuously (yes..non stop) until 35km. And then, the worst happened. Legs were shaking, knees in pain, .... and not an ounce of energy to finish the race. I ended up walking.

Anyone who wants to run a marathon, has to be able to complete 30km the least. The rest, pray hard.

But frankly, after running ultras, I find marathon still a challenge, but not something I look forward to. I'll just come to the starting line, then run, and if I can finish within a time frame, that's it. I am happy as can be. I felt this way, because I know I can finish it. It's just a matter of how much time needed. That's why you got runners running from one marathon to another, to improve on their timing. And comparing timing is the usual chit chat among runners. Faster time, bigger ego.

Oh well, anything sub 4, I'll be up in the sky.


cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

Yup, peanut it is...Marathon is a tough NUT to crack!

aisyah rozi said...

yup, marathon is tough. but when you train for it, you definitely can do it. anyone can do it, with the right training. I've never been on a marathon. except school jogathon which was only for 5km. I aimed for top 3 but I got the forth place. T_T

yipwt said...

hi aisyah,...u have a positive mind...keep it up.

tomatoman...sub 4 yeah?

Anonymous said...

Marathon is peanuts if you've run ultras. I think that's what they meant. What's 42km if you've run 100.

All the best. You can dip below 4 hrs. You don't want to be cooked in heat. :)