Friday, March 28, 2008

Trail running: Bukit Segar

There's a nice uphill trail around my place in Cheras. I have always wondered if I could go up the green hills, but didn't have an inkling of where to start. Until I met Ah Ming at Gunung Nuang. He mentioned it's just around the condos.

Since it's so close to my home, I could go up this hill, and still go to work. There'll be lots of middle age and old folks every morning. I think they do it to keep fit, which is pretty good for their age. So, I think I am the only "young" guy around here.

By the way, the vertical ascent is around 185 meters.

The trail starts right after the car park. Starting elevation is not too steep, until a quarter of the path. The path is littered with occasional rocks, and old rubber trees. There's lots of sand though, not as muddy as Nuang.

I could run the not so steep area, but when the steepness increased, I still find myself panting while going up.

However, after 3/4 of the way, the steepness gradually lowers. The peak is quite clean, and well kept, although you can do nothing much here except stretching and rest.

Then, for the fun part. Going down, or running down can be one hell of a roller coaster ride. It's easy because you don't need to push your heart rate up. It's fun because you can really hurt yourself, if you took a misstep. You just got to look at the ground ahead.

I'll be using this hill for Sabah Climbathon training often. But I still harbor doubts. Training for mountain running will mean pushing higher heart rates, and sustaining it. If only I could change heart just like they change car engines, I'll opt for 4 liter ones :)

Every morning, this place is packed with cars. Owners is somewhere up the hill...

The start of the trail.

Trust me,...get this pair of Adidas kampung. It's dirt cheap (rm5), sticks to dirt, and rocks.

Trails go up and down.

Until you reach this steep part...

At the top...not much things to see really...but nice place to relax..

Mid path, there's an opening, where you could view KL skyline...


C-CUBE said...

tell me where this place is. i go to Tmn Segar pretty often and I dun see anything like tat

zulhassan said...

I am the only "young" guy around here. --> Young and Dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Hi, May I know where can you get the Adidas kampung around KL? Thank you

yipwt said...

hi anonymous,

u can get from Hulu Langat bt 18 shops.

sakatsu said...

just stumbled on to your blog. wow! an ultra-marathoner! i may have some foreign outdoorsy people wanting to run off road trails and i'm no runner, you free to lead? sakatsu at hot mail.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I hope to go to the bukit segar trail run too, just i also duno the way. Mind provide more details of the direction or maybe u can lead?