Sunday, September 14, 2008

Genting Highlands Night Run

Azmar, Alex, Shazly, upiq, Kai Yen, Sean Chang...before the run

Ironman Robocop Stupe

At goh tong jaya

At the top!

The planned run starts from Genting Sempah and up to the top of Genting Highlands. Distance up is roughly 20km.

So a bunch of us, mostly runners, a few on bikes gathered at McD at around 9:30. The fellows were Stupe, Shazly, Upiq, Ariff, Julie, Ishal, AJ and some others I have met for the first time. Some have done it. Some the first time.

Stupe and I started just before 10pm, because the plan was, to run down as well later. Stupe was dressed up more like a SEAL member with all the gadgets like GPS, headlamps, and a back pack with stuff inside, which is almost 3kg!. I wore a pouch bag, some dates, money, and holding a small water bottle, and also wore the red back light lamp.

So the first 5 km is all the way gradient at around 5-10, the most 15 degrees. Since running at night is pretty dangerous, I paced with stupe. Amazingly, this is his first run after desaru, as he have to wait for his foot blisters to heal.

We reached Goh Tong jaya at around 1 hour later. Then as we hit the last 9km, this is where it gets a bit harder. I have to leave Stupe behind at the last 7km, then I started consistently running non stop to the top. After doing Kinabalu, Genting looks so tame. So I convinced myself not to walk, but just keep on running.

I crossed the arch at 2:47, pretty ok time, but could have been better. While waiting for the rest at Starbucks, I was wondering if I should run down.

Soon the rest came....julie, yusran, rashid...I bet the patrons sitting at Starbucks have no idea what we were up to.

Then I made the decision to run down. Stupe has yet to arrive...and i thought it would be too late if I keep on hanging around. I was already freezing up there, so running down fast would be a better idea.

Running down is perhaps the easiest and enjoyable experience one can have. Not much work need to be done. While going down, one could see KL basking with lights and it's simply a nice view. There are a few tough parts, which is after 12km mark, which I have to run some 1-2km uphill.

Soon the rest of the guys in support cars were coming down. It was nice of them to offer a ride, but since I have just like 3km left, I could finish it. However running in this kind of hour and place reminded me of running at Genting Peres at midnight. It's a surreal experience.

I reached back Genting sempah around 3:36 am, which took 1:56 to come down. So total distance covered is 40km. The mileage for that day was 46km, since I had ran in the morning 6km as well!

There's another genting run next week as if anyone wants to try it, I would say just do it. It's actually not so hard running up.


C-CUBE said...

looks like its a stroll in th epark for you.

Stupe said... are damn fast. it took me an extra hour to reach the top after you left me with 7km to go.

I think i will run without those gadgets in the coming run. My greatest regret is not to be able to run down, but the calves aren't listening to the brain anymore.

robocop eh? :) Well said.

yipwt said...


It's pretty ok..but not exactly so easy.

I think the 3kg bag must have weigh you down...And the fact it's your first run after desaru makes that hard. Some prior training would have helped.

AndyC said...

i'm coming this week. see ya.

anyway first timer.......scare scare...

yipwt said...

hi andy,

if you've done 21km...this is not so hard.