Saturday, September 27, 2008

Genting Highlands Night Run #3

The descent proves to be chilling as well...I ran with both arms wrapped around the body.

Beautiful Pagoda Arch..

Note how steep the descend is...

Third time. The problem is I've got bored of Genting. But some of the same group of people still want to organize it for the last time before Ramadhan, so that pulled me in. But this time, the group was larger. Ngae informed us, his friend working at the Resort had prepared for us, some hot beverages when we reach the top.

This time, as usual, I've strapped on the light pair of Saucony Type A2, anticipating a quick run up.

For the last 4km, the cold damp wind proved to be bone chilling. And as I near the last 1km, met with Mac on the way down...wondered where he was heading to.

I managed to clock 2:22 on the way up, more than my 2nd attempt. Then I went straight to coffee bean to get a hot cup of coffee, which is one I really need to keep warm. I soon found out that they had a Sammi Cheng concert up there.

Met with the rest of the gang at Starbucks. Elaine, Dino, Ngae were already there. I opted to run down just after 1am, because I did't want to reach home too late.

And after 1:55, I reached Genting Sempah again. Total time was 4:18.

A few other fellows also did ran down: Alex, Elaine, Zac (hungary guy), Jacq and Nurashid.

And no, no more Genting after this. Maybe next year.


I am planning a 200km run 11th Oct, achievable by running 10 loops bkt aman - sri hartamas. Only one loop around Petronas station. Estimated time is 1.5 days. Is it doable? I am not sure, but will give it a try.


Stupe said...

9 cheers for you!

3 for each run you did!

well done bro!

yipwt said...

hi stupe,

Sorry ya, couldn't hang on. I just need to do it fast, cause need to run back down.

Kudos to everyone who in fact ran it.

bola2api said...


can i bring a bag of popcorn while watching u run? haha

i mean, seriously? u gonna do 200km? tak payah tido ke?

all the best dude

Abu Soffian said...

Selamat hari Raya Bro