Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sick and Out

I've fallen ill for the past few days. I think it was due to work stress more than running stress. It was just a few days, but when I started running again, every feeling in the legs says I am done for. The joints feels like an old man, and I was wondering if this is the end of my running career. Or is it running Genting Highlands 3 times disturb that old man's peace, and that's why I got sick.

I am putting of the 200km to 25th so I've got enough time to get back on track. Now everything seems like a train wreck.


小夜@saya said...

r u joining powerman lumut? we've got powerman simulation run on 26th Oct so wanna join us dat instead? can email me 4 details but if ur planning 2 run ur 200 km some other days instead of 25th (coz 26th is de simulation run) tell me? =) i wan 2 try 2 =D

yipwt said...

hi lau,

I am not going for I am planning the run on saturday can come. :) starts at 7am.

CP Waterman said...

You are a super ultraman so needs extra victamin & mineral supplementation,lots of water plus REST! Get well soon & wishing u all der best!