Monday, October 27, 2008

Shiny days are here...

I took this picture last friday evening. The incessant rain, which battered KL daily had finally stopped. It was so rare to see a sunset the past 2 weeks because it was always raining. And that meant less training, less cycling and less everything. So I stood momentarily for awhile, trying to appreciate those fleeting moments. Sunsets can be beautiful and enchanting, but just for a while.

On another note, I've finally able to run properly and out of the pain I've had for the exact 2 weeks. Had a run with Shih Ming and San at Bukit Gasing, because we're heading for Genting Trailblazer mixed team. The terrain is quite suitable for running, and less demanding than Nuang. But there's one section to the top with gradient around 30-40 percent which is quite tough. I tried to sprint a few times to see if I still have the flow of trail running, and it was pure fun. Running trails is a bit dangerous, but definitely not boring.

I decided to put the ultra run to another date, because of injury and also because of Trailblazer. It won't be so fair to Shih Ming if I were to bust my legs out before a race.


Putrajaya Powerman Simulation

With the route hotter than Powerman, we're supposed to do 10km run, 60km cycle, then 10km run. There's was quite a bunch of people, some new faces as well.

The first 10km, I was pushing the pace and managed to clock 44 plus minutes. But as usual for the cycling, I decided to just cycle moderately for completion, and the rest of the gang went pass. The last 10km run...translated to a lesser 7km run due to the 12pm sun. But some made it full distance (raymond ng, San and michelle looi).

That done, I am not actually going for Powerman this year.

Some thoughts: Putrajaya would be good for heat simulation for ironman.

nutrition: I knew nutrition is important, but it didn't occur to me that I need more protein. I realized I was losing muscle mass when I kept training at the same intensity. After a few research on the net, for active people like us, we've got to have protein intake x 2 body weight. That means around 100g protein per day. So guys, try to do a rough calculation for your protein intake. It'll definitely help in recovery.


小夜@saya said...

hey buddy, ur 200k challenge, tell me wen u wan 2 do it, just in-case i can join =D
ur fast on trail, all de best in trailblazer 2 all of us =D

yipwt said...

hi san,

Let me train for that first...after trailblazer.

See u at genting trailblazer...going to be very dirty there...!

missjewelz said...

200k run or bike? if bike y dont u join me ride to kuantan ? you got the emails right?

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

wish y'all the best in trailblazer!
get the podium!