Friday, October 17, 2008

Best waterfall in Malaysia: Berkelah, Gambang

I was pretty sick during the first few days of Syawal, but managed to hit this tropical paradise nearby Gambang, Pahang. It's Air Terjun Berkelah.

It's remote, not much people, and beautiful. You got to walk 1 km deep inside to reach the really nice spot.

But because I was recovering and half sick, I couldn't even swim properly in the deep end. My brother told me big fishes can be found there, ... but I didn't brought any googles, so I was left wondering what we might find.

However, as usual, I would like to condemn those local tourist, it had to be local, who keep on piling rubbish after rubbish like it's their own backyard. In fact they won't do this at their own backyard. Polystyrene cups, plates, plastics...what the hell...I am not reserving any vulgarities against these eco unfriendly people. How could you enjoy visiting a place, then leave the rubbish there?

Let's put it this way. Malaysian Tourist mentality = Rubbish mentality. And I am not sorry for stating it, because I've seen enough to be sad and angry about it.

There's a deep end at the falls...just becareful not to get drown...

hike up...and you get to see more beauty...

I jump...

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zulhassan said...

kalau nak best naik atas lagi sehingga jumpa air terjun besar lebih 200 kaki, tapi seram nak berenang sebab kolam dia lebih 30 kaki dalam dan nampak sampai bawah.

Kalau terus lagi akan sampai sempadan trengganu. Rindunya kat sungai berkelah. Lain kali kalau nak pergi tu bagilah tahu maner tahu aku free boleh gak ikut.