Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I would rather swim

Last evening, I went for a swim. It's just another ordinary swim, but I've feeling restless past 2 days due to injuries on both feet. You see, I've got pain on top of both feet. It's bad enough to prevent me from running or cycling. In fact, walking to the office radiates pain.

I tried to swim consistently for 3km. And immediately I felt better. I know, my swim stroke is terrible, my strength gone done the drain, and am feeling ironman so far fetched an idea. How I felt? More like orang kurang upaya (OKU) [disabled folks]. But it felt better because I was pushing myself again. Oddly, I can't sit still. I just got to do swim, or bike, or run.

But I kept on going, like someone chasing a fledgling hope of getting faster, but just in vain.

Then it rained. And it rained more. And thunders started to streak across the sunset sky. Soon, I was the only person left swimming in the olympics size pool. When things started to get worse, I knew I had to bailed out my plan on the 3km swim. So I ended after 2.55km.

Last week cycling was really in the dumps. After almost 2 months of no cycling after Desaru, I felt reluctant to cycle. Maybe it was due to the bad experience of stuck gears during the race. I don't know. I just know my cycling is probably the weakest link in this tri sports.

Yet, I opt with some of my cycling buddies to cycle to Titi. First, I have to climb the Ampang hill, then climb up to Genting Peres, and up and down after Peres. I was so famished, or near bonk, so I stopped just before the 12km mark to kelawang to dine in with the rest.

And going back is suffering in slow motion. Had to climb back to Peres, then another climb back Ampang hill. Back pain, butt pain, hand pain, and getting roasted in the sun,...I was kept wondering what's so fun of cycling. I would rather run 8 hours than sitting on the bike for that long. I know, I would need to pump in the mileage for cycling if I wanted to be good at it. But at the moment, cycling is something the least I would choose compared to swim and run. Basically, no love in cycling.

Nevermind, it'll definitely take time, but time is soon fleeting away as the clock ticks closer to ironman langkawi...


Aw said...

Hi Yip,

I hope you do not have stress fractures of your metatarsal bones in your feet. Google it and see whether you have similar symptoms.

BTW I want to ask you about the Kapas Marang swim. Do they have aid stations during the swim? If not don't you get dehydrated? What about gels, do swimmers carry them on their body?

Thinking about doing it next year or maybe 2010.


yipwt said...

hi meng,

thanks for the advice...i really do have pain at the metatarsal bones area. I think need to check it out.

Ok for the kapas swim, they do have kayaks, which brings water and 100 plus. So you can call those kayaks for some hydration, but personally, I won't vouch for that. When you are swimming mid way point, it's kinda hard to sport kayaks, and sometimes they are too far.

As for powergels...I didn't bring any for my case. But some guys did actually tuck one at their trunks. Another reason not to have power gels is because you don't have water station. So that brings us back to the first problem.

To solve both problems, just mentally set, no water, no gels. That'll bring you through.

And if you could swim 5k non stop in a pool, then I think it's sufficient to tackle the kapas swim.

Raymond said...

U r not weak on the bike lah its just that u focus too much on swim n run that u have neglected one of the most important disciplines in the Ironman.
I used to be bikey-phobia coz im really hopeless in it(still am) till i discovered that in order to survive the gruelling IM,i have no option but put in more saddle time.A good runner/swimmer combo will not clock a good time in IM unless one has a decent bike split.

Suggest u do more rides,am sure u will be way in front than the more seasoned triathletes come Langkawi with your current fitness n ability!

yipwt said...

hi raymond,

Yup...i agree...just gotta do the cycles..

Meng said...

Aiyah, Yip, your comments very discouraging. How to swim 5k in the pool. I tried yesterday and could only managed 20 laps in 24 mins, ie 1k only. Arms felt like dropping off.


yipwt said...

hi meng,

Swimming is like dancing...somehow you got to know how to stroke efficiently, and know your own pace.

24 minutes is not bad for 1k.

If you can't do a few Ks continuously, just break them up. It will take time...but if you start training from now...you still have around half a year more.

I think it took me a year to muster the courage to swim kapas. So it won't happen overnight.

Good luck.