Monday, February 23, 2009

Any rebates for a bicycle?

You've heard it on the news. 5k rebate to dispose your old car and get a new one. This is...ahem...the only way to save the malaysian economy?

Here's a better idea, why not give rebates for people wanting to commute using bike as well? In fact RM 5000 could buy you 10 bikes if each cost 500 each. 5k in fact could get you a super good branded road bike.

Ever wonder why Malaysia has so many cars, and yes, you get stuck in traffic all the time? Each year, car sales has been on the rise, with figures up to 500,000 cars sold each year. The first time I heard it from my friend, I was shocked. I knew Malaysia cars sales is high but it couldn't be this high.

I had just stumbled a nice site promoting cycling commuting. Now don't complain about the heat and humidity if these guys cycle during the winter.

Cars does have it's function, but we ought not to think of using cars each time we want to travel in our neighborhood. In fact, if you are bold enough, cycle to work. Get those heavy duty back pack to store your laptop and other items. You'll appreciate the travel instead of sulking behind a car that says "I got better things else to do instead of getting stuck in traffic". The irony is You are part of the problem.


Keat Seong said...

Rebate for bicycle??? That actually sounds like a great idea... Don't need thousands, maybe RM500-RM800 will do for a decent mountain/road bike...

Another thing is, those who purchase bikes can use the receipt to reduce income tax... :P

I tried to cycle to work before and it was ok, there was a shower at my old company... but my new company here in section 16 no shower, sigh :(

yipwt said... could do a better way by helping to build a cycling culture instead of building a car only.

Keat Seong said...

problem is how many government officials actually cycle, if they don't cycle they won't understand it...

小夜@saya said...

i will still consider cycling 2work if malaysian drivers changed to respect cyclist more o_O
from d-1 year cycling 2work, i've got 1 crash (six stitches), 3 falls & countless near-misses -_-"

azizan fixie said...

I have been enjoying cycling to work from usj to kl. So far no problem. Most of the other road users give way to me. Now I got this problem when I don't clients/friends/colleagues will always ask me "Do you cycle today?"