Monday, February 9, 2009

Are our politicians in good health?

Now, we already had 2 MPs who died because of heart problems. The latest victim is just only 50 years old from Bukit Gantang. The previous MP Razali (59) also succumbed to heart failure. Heart disease does not choose which side of party you are from. It sometimes shows symptoms, but it could also come suddenly.

If we have MPs with health problems, it'll be harder for them to tackle rakyat's issues. In fact, with all the energy spent on bickering on the latest frog jumping issues, won't they rather be doing more exercise? (no...walking is not exercise, and that includes senam robik).

Anyway, being malaysians as we are, we are quite comfortable with middle age man with bellies. In fact, it probably shows how well you are doing in life. And we are also 'ok' with them smoking and drinking excessively. In fact, all this unhealthy habits will just equate in dangerous and risky health problems, if not tackled seriously.

Besides, Changkat Jering assemblyman Mohd Osman, can't turn up at the court for his trial because of suspected heart ailment. And the other guy from Behrang is unwell as well.

Here's what I suggest as a requirement to keep our politicians fit:

To get Datuk-ship, you've got to complete at least an olympic tri distance. (swim 1.5, cycle 40, run 10km)

To get Datuk Seri-ship, you've got to complete half ironmnan distance. (swim 2, cycle 90, run 21km)

To get Tun-ship, you've got to complete ironman distance. (swim 3.8, cycle 180, run 42km)

Won't that be darn great, seeing our politicians fighting it out at the course?


KeatSeong said...

most malaysians are actually pampered with food and life until they are so lazy to take care of themselves, nowadays its very common to see guys in their late 20s, 30s already with a belly who can barely make it up a flight of stairs to the next floor... reality is majority of malaysians r unhealthy... PERIOD!

小夜@saya said...

wahaah!! well said buddy =D
or maybe we go ez on them a bit? =)

datuk-ship = half marathon
datuk seri -ship = dualthlon
tun -ship = trithlon

jue said...

wakakakaaaaaa . . . . superb! i think the lompat2 exercise really is the no 1 cause heart attack especially politician.

really well written but unfortunately our politicians only interested in lompat exercise as a form of staying healthy n wealthy . .. sigh sigh .. .

yipwt said...

keat song,

Yup..they need a major makeover and it ain't liposuction.

Hmm...ok. But don't think it'll happen soon. Unless, the Sultan put this as a rule.hehe...

jue, most of our politicians is a joke.