Thursday, February 4, 2010


I was hoping to have an enjoyable ride up to Fraser Gap from HOA with the rest, but things got unlucky.

Thanks to Vong3, Stupe, Jason who stopped to help. And Mac as well. The problem was...

I hit a very large hole while going aero. Luckily the wheelsets didnt break. But as I went on, the back wheel seemed to leak air (slow leak).

I stopped, then found out that the extender valve was broken. Changed the punctured tubular with another one, but that proved futile because the size was too big for the frame's back wheel. So I stopped again and put back the original tubular, thinking that the problem was with the valve.

After Mac came to the rescue, and after a few KMs, it's confirmed a slow leak. Since the gang already went on, I turned back after clocking 74km.

The only way to do that is to pump air every 5-6km. Amazingly it worked. But of course it's not enjoyable having to stop so often. I stopped by Bentong ABC for drinks and nasi lemak before going back sempah.

Then just before the bkt tinggi climb, my portable pump had lost the valve. Must have dropped it somewhere. So that's it. I can't move forward. So I walked with the bike. Tried to call Sean Chang but they were way far behind.

Managed to meet 3 riders, whom I borrowed the pump to go on. But then after some time, the tubular proved to be out for good. Air just went out.

Then Jason came and we flagged down a 4WD. The driver was a real help. I don't think I could have walked another few KM. I think I've already done 9km.

So there you have it. I learned a lot of lessons on tubulars. Just hope this kind of mishaps won't happen during IM.


Now, we've all seen violence on TV, the internet, the newspapers and sometimes you think it will never happen to you. Well, all that went off when I came upon 2 guys trying to open the front door.

Before I could even asked who they are, both of them were already hand locking my back arm, and flung me to the ground. One guy said "Don't move" in chinese...All I could think of ...SHIT.

They took the keys from my pocket, then dragged me into my own house. Then I noticed a third guy appearing (he was the outside scout). One guy was anxious getting me to lie flat on the bed. The whole room was filled with foul smelling ciggies smell, as the men ransacked my room.

Now I thought I could make a dash for the door. Nope..bad luck. Couldn't make it. Then got whacked on the head with my bike pump. And of course more punches, but I couldn't notice how painful was it.

As they kept on ransacking, I was just thinking what's next. Come to think about it, my life was in real danger. One guy tied my hands with the cords from the iron cloth. They had suggested to tie my legs as well...but I think they wanted fast exit and decided not to. It could have been worse.

Then they left. I was left there struggling to get the hands untied. It was hard. These guys must have been pros. Finally after dislodging my watch on my left wrist, did I finally get it out.

The room was a mess. And I was disoriented. Then I cycled to the nearby police station for the report.

The damage was having a bump on my head and a few scratches. Now the weird thing is after taking a beating, I don't feel much pain. I think after so many races, and ultra distances, the body just adapts to it. I felt more pain running 84km. And the funny thing is, they took my defunct laptop. The good one, they missed.

You don't have time to think. You just hope they won't kill you off as evidence. I just told them to take whatever they wanted.

Humans are born to choose the path. It's either right or wrong. These guys apparently were able bodied and choose to do crime.


miaomiao said...

yip, is this for real? horrid!

i'm going to own my own house soon and i think the first thing i need to have is a good reliable alarm system. i think spending a bit more monthly on ADT service (for example) is not a waste. give it some thought ok?

i think you didn't feel much pain because of the shock. i crashed on my motorcycle and cracked my tibia and managed to get up and walked and got on my motorcycle and rode home, right after the accident. a few hours after that, i couldn't even walk a few metres without blacking out.

K3vski said...

Very unfortunate, Yip. Glad that you are not hurt seriously, and nothing too valuable was lost. People are getting a lot more desparate, for a lot less. Wonder whether it's a reflection of the economy.

Simon said...

Hey Yip, Sorry to hear about this but thank goodness you're OK - things can be replaced but you can't. Stay safe freind.

Fong said...

lucky you are safe =) it could have happened to anyone. do take precaution, though we did no mistake...