Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kapas Marang Swimathon 2010: Land in Sight

My bro...'s his first time.
Enjoying the fast ride to kapas...the water seems oddly calm.
Sandy beaches, and blue waters..
Anxious swimmers at the starting...
Now you can see there's 2 groups going different directions. I am betting the right one is heading towards the marine boat, which is wrong.
The landing...
The one arm guy...faster than me!
Silly shirt...
More and more swimmers getting back. This year more than 220 participants made it back.

This years' kapas swimathon has the highest participants numbering more than 300. As usual, for this swim, I treated it as a holiday rather than a race. My bro tagged along, but just as a spectator.

Met with Teoh, Raymond Tan, Elaine and some friends (PS Sim) from singapore. Also, met with some guys from UPM swimming club. And Jason Tiang is also joining for a first timer.

After a bus ride from KL, and a hearty breakfast at KT, we headed for registration. Then it's off to the blue small paradise of kapas. I just couldn't wait to dip into blue clear water filled with corals and colorful marine fishes.


I had brought along the trusted rifle scope. And it prove to be a great confidence booster, as I could even spot the bright orange balloon on the shores of pantai kelulut. I could even see 2 small buoys at the far end. Didn't really went for briefing, as I roughly know what to expect. It's my 4th time anyway.

The only thing you need to do is know where to land regardless of buoys and marine patrol boats. Buoys could get lost, and boats will move, regardless of what they told you. Then compensate for current all the time. You have to realize that the current changes from the start to the end. So, always keep an eye of where you are going.

Once you know this, it's a matter of swimming and getting ashore asap.

And also before the swim, drink enough water, cause there won't be any for the next 2-3 hours.

At the starting line, you could really see the strong swimmers from the average. Strong and fast ones usually have strong upper body parts.

The horn blew, and it's time to swim. Now funny thing is, the group started to break into 2. One heading right, another left. I have no idea why so, but I knew where to go, so that's that. One lady was tagging behind for 1-2km. I'd guess she doesn't know the way. And it was pretty hard to see the landing as well once you're in the water.

But as time passes, the shore came closer, and the radio station on the left of the landing, came into view. I could now see the balloon. So, it was swimming as hard as possible, with more kicks.

But as always, nearing the shore, is tougher. Maybe it's the fatigue. Or maybe I am not just a good swimmer. But I set my sights on landing and just swam, counting the strokes up to 50 before glancing at the landing. Now, even if you're in the water, you can still navigate. Just observe the position of the sun during breathing, and you can roughly steer in the right direction.

Landing was close, and suddenly a huge wave brought me crashing into the sand. What a landing! I went to put on that silly shirt and got the medal, with the time of 2:26. My bro was there snapping pics...he said he'll be interested to do this next year.

Now, there was this guy with one arm. Yet he swam faster than me! Swimming is perhaps the hardest discipline to master. I've been swimming for years, but the improvements are minuscule.

Oh was fun, and that's the main reason I always back at Kapas.


KOOKY KASH said...

Hi Yip, I saw you at kapas but too shy to say Hello.

I didnt finish the swim because I went off course too far and then I got sea sick and vomiting as well as dehydrated. I have problems with navigation. Any tips? I might want to try this again next year.

Congratulations on the 4th!

zulhassan said...

dah macam pro dah sekarang ni... salute.


yipwt said...

hi Kash,

Hmm..u have to know where to land, swim moderately fast and compensate for current.

Just try it next year :)

Zul...mana ada pro...suki one hand pun lebih laju!