Wednesday, December 29, 2010

KRI 12km Run: Killer Hills

Home run...

The next day after the Cameron's bike leg, was the KRI run which I had signed up. Starting course is exactly same as the KRI's century's ride, that I've participated last year.

Thanks to Lydia Yeow who had helped took my bib, albeit they put me in the wrong category. So a new one has to be written.

Ray Ng & Michelle where there too, which was a surprise cause I think they would lay off after Angkor Wat run.

Before the start, I didn't expect much. Just see if I could run as possibly fast as I could. I did hope that the previous cycling adventure haven't left me debilitated.

After the horn blew, and 2km into the run, it became apparent that hills will be a major hurdle. Now we are talking about elevation say 30-40% at certain stretch. All I could do is making sure running cadence goes up on uphills, then sprint like mad on the downhill.

In this manner I was able to hold 3 and 4th position throughout the race. But as always, I don't want to press the accelerator to the max, cause I don't know the route. I don't know if one downhill will lead to another uphill, so I had to stay safe.

But there's one guy behind whom I tried to keep a safe distance. I didn't knew that he (Wong Lip Soon) was in a different category.

Finished the race in 52 min on the dot, position 4th, much to the surprise of my younger brother.

Michelle managed to win the women's and she was even lucky to won the first lucky draw.

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