Thursday, January 6, 2011

Malakoff 12km run: Not So Killer Hills

I don't recall where was this...

I've heard this run was hilly. But after KRI 12km run in Bkt Kinding, it was pretty tame by comparison.

Before the race, was glad to meet Kevin Siah and his family. He had just finish Ironman Busselton (IMWA) and was there to support.

Now the odd thing is they let the women go first, and men 10min later. I stood just behind a few guys before the starting line. When the horn went, it was a mad dash off. I noticed one guy in white went very quickly up, and it took awhile to realize it was Shahrom.

Somehow, I manged to bumped into 2nd. As the uphills came, Casey went pass. Soon, I find Don Khor and I believe Kevin, came pass.

I was already going almost maximum intensity, so I just hope I could trail these guys. I passed Don at one point, but I think a few KM afterwards, he passed me. This old man is not to be reckoned with.

Now, the one thing I realized running at high speed is the relative speed between yours and others. We were passing the women's runners and catching from behind. They seemed so stationary.

But then, an african runner came blasting from behind. And that makes me look comparatively stationary. I soon found out that he started 3 minutes late.

As the 2nd loop ends on the uphill, I was beginning to sense cramps coming in. Blasted all the way down hill to the end, and I was just happy to make it below 48 min (47min 42).

Also found myself in 5th in my category as well, which was a pleasant surprise.

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Simon said...

Great Job buddy, this race ate me up and spat me out. Gotta get fit again like you.