Saturday, January 15, 2011

MR25 Ultra Marathon 2010: Another Gut Distress

This year more Malaysians participated. And the route had some changes as well. Rather than having one big loop around the lake, now a detour is set at the 5km mark.

I stayed with Frank this year, same hotel as last year. Had a pleasant get together for dinner with the whole gang. I guessed most of us ate more than usual for the next day.

At the start, I was trying to set a pace which was not that fast, and not too slow. Soon, I was passed by one indian runner and eventually the winner (wearing red, and lightweight shoes). I tried tailing them for some time, but guessed their pace was too fast. Soon, I settled on just setting my own pace.

I think the first loop was done in 50minutes. The next was around 55, and third loop is around an hour. I could remember I did 4 loops in 3:45.

Soon, things began to go downhill from there. I was too hungry. Bought some food from the cafetaria nearby, and had iced coffee.

5th loop was ok, but after then end of sixth, I knew that things were coming to a halt. Senses of gut discomfort soon came. I just sat at the chair and sort of waiting for things to turn around. But, it didn't came.

I knew my race stops once I vomitted. So that's that. I reported back to the time keeper that I'll just do 6 loops (in 6:32).

There's some goals that I have set which is doing 5 loops in less than 6 hours, which was achieved. Overall, I am happy with the timing, but non too happy with things crashing down from my gut.

I would also like to say that in 2011, I'll do less long distance. Heck, I think I am too lazy to do a marathon now, or ultra. I'll just focus on my weakness which is speed. Another reason is also, I think I've done and been there, so I don't really miss doing long distance.

Year 2011 has a few major ultras on the calendar. I wish those joining the best of luck. It's not going to be easy, but with training and patience, I think most can make it.

Thanks to Tey for the photos.


K3vski said...

Hahah looking at your recent timings at the sprints, I don't think speed is your weakness anymore. You're an all rounder runner, well done!

yipwt said...

Kev, .... not fast enough. I am trying to be versatile now...hehe

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

Many felt your 'wind' as you 'sayur-ed' them in KRI, Malakoff KL and PACM track meet.

Your 'wind' will be 'hurrican-ing' them soon.... :D