Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Port Dickson Triathlon 2011

Port Dickson triathlon is one of those events that you must do. It's near to KL, and most importantly, hordes of athletes will be there.

As much for preparation, it's really not that much that I had hoped for. For swimming, I think I've gained ground. Problem was, I don't wear a watch in the water these days, so I have no idea how fast I was going. Reassuringly, I could pace with the regulars in the pool. Bike, I've done a lot of distance, but for tri position, it would just be enough. Running, I don't have much doubt. I could still put on the speed if needed.

Another different approach to training these days, is to put more emphasis on cardio intensity. I think it does pays off. I've been doing times that I thought was impossible years back. I did a test run at bkt aman, and did the whole thing in record time 1:21. The prior best time was 1:33.

Race Day:
Swim: We had to run like 50 meters into the water as it's knee deep, before we can swim. I did push but tried to stay within a comfortable range. As long as I could feel I am moving fast enough that's ok. On the way back, I had to stand up, wade through the water, then only start running back to transition.

I heard Shahrom & Hafiz Wong names being mentioned by the MC. I couldn't be too far off then. Now, problem was I was sitting on the floor trying to get socks on. Yes, I am still not comfortable with no socks. So that took some seconds.

Hooped onto the bike and it was time to test the new Transition bike. The early parts of the bike, I was passing everyone. I was trying to see who could make a good drafting team. The odd feeling was, where is everyone?

After turning right from the traffics after 5km, it's another 15km to the u-turn. I did work with one guy in blue, for some time, but then he dropped off after some time. After the u-turn, I did managed to catch another dude in powerbar bib 1101. He was pretty strong, so both of us took turns to race back to the finishing. Noticed big packs of peloton was coming in the other direction.

Now the bike was pretty fast. It's not that light with tri-spokes, but when you get it going, it does go.

Run: Back into transition, put on the shoes, and started to run. I noticed Allan Lee just beside on the start. The first few hundred meters wasn't well adjusted, as usual. I kept a high cadence and that did the work. But weird thing is, I wasn't really pushing it, or don't feel like pushing it. I could pass most of the guys, except on the way back after the u-turn, one guy in the younger age group ran quite fast ahead. Oddly, I didn't feel like chasing. But I did kept a fast pace, but not into the bonking zone.

Came back with the clock 2:12. Then I remembered it's minus 5, so that makes it 2:07.

Anyway, that time wasn't good enough to be in the top 10 age grouper. Position is 12th in 30-39 mens. So I was just happy I did a good time.


Summary: Training on intensity has paid off. I could push harder & longer. But one thing that irks me, was taking too much time on the bike trying to work with other guys. That fast & slow pace really did disturb the rhythm. Maybe I should have just sit in aero, and gone all out. That could have saved more time.

I didn't pushed on the run too much. Maybe I was feeling too comfortable. Another reason was there wasn't anyone in front I could see in my age group. I think I should have raced harder instead of being happy with running just fast.

Swim, being the most technical of all, remains a hard discipline to master. Will need to focus harder on how to swim 1.5k fast.


Anonymous said...

Yip. you are getting better and better. happy for you man. congrats and keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

WISH someday i could do PD Tri. Gua tak tau berenang lah bro..

yipwt said...

Julie, thanks...just train harder can improve.

Ajo, berenang breast stroke pun boleh...

Paul Lee said...

Congratz and well done Yip!Awesome splits. Your focus on higher intensity shorter races this year will go a long way to boost your ultra endurance performance in the longer term.

Francis said...

super fast time! COngrats!